Fluffy Bunnies. Playful kittens. Romantic sunsets. Warm spring breezes. Crisp cotton sheets on a cold winter night. Happy puppies. Burbling babies.
Oh, and Saddam Hussein. What a wonderful world!
I’ve turned over a new leaf, I swear. Nothing but Happy Fun Times from here on in, campers.

[Update : Nah, f–k that.]

Random Silliness

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  1. Thank goD! I thought you were suddenly on a heavy, extra, industrial, military-grade dose of prozac.

  2. Somebody is rivaling you in prose
    I may have to change my loyalties if you go Happy Fun Times on me.

  3. Except that people who call themselves pundits, even in jest, are just asking for rusty butter knives to be pushed gently into their happy holes.
    So there’s a negative.

  4. You had me worried for a minute there. I am relieved to see that you will continue to be your own bitter, crusty self.

  5. You are SO anti-establishment, you have become part of the establishment. Your bitching rings hollow, since you obviously read all the media horseshit and take an immediate stance to disbelieve or contradict it so intently. Have you ever noticed it, Stav?
    Like those smarmy kids on the sidewalk that think they are being really different and cool, when in reality their patterns are incredibly predictable and boring… Life is alot more complex than blind hatred of the political parties in the US. We are all sick of that shit here in the states, just like you.
    By the way, I think you are a hell of a lot smarter than that, and your writing is awesome…

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