Since I am inexplicably uninterested in writing anything at the moment, here’s some pics from the Deviant’s digital camera (covet covet covet) of our trip to the DMZ, and of DV himself, about to chow down on some bondaeggi (silkworm larvae). Mmmm, insectalicious!

DV about to eat a yummy bug. I made him do it. He was not terribly impressed.
Guards, guarding.
Assuming the position – half hidden behind the wall to minimize the size of the target presented. Seems a bit silly to me.
The guard post to which I managed to discreetly expose about two thirds of one butt-cheek while standing in the elevated concrete pagoda thing. Also the post from which the North Koreans apparently take pictures of tourists. Hope I didn’t precipitate an international incident.
UN side : lovely crushed granite. DPRK side : dirt, with weeds. Amusing, darkly.
Trippy Visuals, Man

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  1. DMZ and Silkworm Larvae

    Stavros, a Canadian living in South Korea, has posted some pictures of a trip to see the DMZ.

  2. I’m not sure why, but it seems almost perverse that such care would be taken in designing the water drainage along the world’s most heavily armed border…

  3. So, I see there are no photos of your subversive deed! How do we really know you did it?
    I noticed the water drainage thing, too. Which just goes to show that I am one of those people who cannot see the big picture because I am always freaking out over the details. Perhaps that is why I feel at home on MeFi.

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