I’m not real big on the ‘social software’ thing, but Stewart and the gang at Ludicorp have made such a cool, cool thing with Flickr. Join me, why don’t you? The water’s fine!

Trippy Visuals, Man

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  1. Ah shit. I joined Flickr about the day after it hit the general Web consciousness, and haven’t really been back. I should.
    I guess, being an introverty type, I get a bit confused and stressed by the whole “ARE YOU MY FRIEND” thing, thinking that it actually means friend, like a real friend, like someone I’ve come to know and trust over many conversations and drinks. I feel the need to send an email — out here in the “real” world first to see if it’s OK that I ask you to be my friend in the play world.
    Orkut’s OK but ultimately sucks so I stopped going there too. Accountants might like it.

  2. That’s why I like Flickr. It’s all about the pictures, for me, but if someone wants it to be all about the ‘friends’ stuff, they can do that too. Or just use it as a kinda IM thing, or whatever. Beautifully designed and implemented. I love it to bits, the more I play. And I don’t even go into ‘Flickr Live’ all that much!

  3. Thanks for the props Stav 🙂
    S’funny: we started making Flickr because we *could* – it was really driven by the technology. But over time, and with a lot of input from people using it, it is starting to refine into something really cool and useful.
    Still too hard to understand at first, but a “conceptual overhaul” follows. Plus there are some cool things coming out of the next few days (you can annotate regions of photos, sort them with delicious-style tags, and a much else).
    Anyway – thanks! And our ears are open if you have suggestions.

  4. And thanks for dropping by, Stewart! I really do like Flickr a lot. And that’s coming from someone that never misses an opportunity to pee all over ‘social software’…

  5. Haha I love it! Flickr is great

  6. I like Flickr, but haven’t really had the time to play there much. I did get an e-mail saying that I had been elevated to Chief Emperor or something of one group or another, because everybody but me left, so I should go and peruse my kingdom I suppose.

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