It Just Feels Right, Baby

Cheesily riffing on the erudititudinosity and linkeriffomafication of Tom’s recent post, I give you this darn-near equally-recent popular image (which I did not make) found at the Site Which Must Not Be Named.
Bush Help.jpg
Edit : I have discovered that this image originally came from the SomethingAwful forums. SA rocks. Or is that San Dimas Football? sh-t, I dunno. But the bad, bad man who posted it to Filepile didn’t credit it. Apologies.

Super Soaker!

I just made this one for the hell of it. I’m having a few delightful cocktails, Mefi’s down, I’m ‘pilin, yadda yaddaladdayo… The original’s been my desktop for the last week or so, and Old Bull Lee is one of my icons.
Also, I’ve gotta think it’d be fun having a watergun fight with Old Bill. After he’d been into the dexedrine, he’d kick your ass. [hi-res (popup)]

Big Buddha


One of the few non-tourist-pose pics from our recent trip to Soraksan. That’s a big Buddha! The black slates are prayers…for a small fee, you can go to the little booth that sits over on the Buddha’s right, and have them write up the prayer of your choice – for health, wealth, for your kids, or whatever – which you can then place on the pile, and make an offering.
I’ll make a gallery with some others later today, perhaps…


I just love this image (276k), and I’m not sure why, exactly. I found it a while ago at Fark, I think, and I don’t know what to do with it, other than show it to you.

The Original Goatse

Pan copulating with a goat – Herculaneum, 1st century B.C.
Why have I decided to show you this picture?


Not sure, really. But it is quite jarring, in a potentially useful way, perhaps, innit? Unexpected, intense images like this always get my brain ticking over, at least.
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Mulholland Drive

Blue Velvet - huffer.jpg
I just watched Mulholland Drive, and David Lynch has once again pleasantly nobbled my brain. Recently re-read David Foster Wallace’s piece on Lynch from his anthology “A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again”, which got me all het up about Lynch again. Eraserhead and Blue Velvet were big faves of that ol’ gang of mine, back in my university days, but I still haven’t seen Twin Peaks or Lost Highway.

Just wanted to mention that this thread at Metafilter is of great assistance if you’re trying to puzzle out exactly what the hell was going on in the movie…


I remembered this Emo Phillips joke the other day, which was the only thing that he’s ever done that amused me, and it fit in fairly well with my thoughts today, so I made a little Flash thing here. It sucks a bit, but I hope you find it amusing.