I just made this one for the hell of it. I’m having a few delightful cocktails, Mefi’s down, I’m ‘pilin, yadda yaddaladdayo… The original’s been my desktop for the last week or so, and Old Bull Lee is one of my icons.
Also, I’ve gotta think it’d be fun having a watergun fight with Old Bill. After he’d been into the dexedrine, he’d kick your ass. [hi-res (popup)]
Trippy Visuals, Man

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  1. Ya know, Stavros, if MeFi stays down for much longer, you might be able launch a new career!
    (close tag – just to be safe)

  2. I have no filepile account. *sniff*
    Which is their loss cos I have a shitload of cool files. I’m on the waiting list, then I shall be making as big a pest of myself there as on the’filter.

  3. I had an extra that I aquired through being a big dumbhead a long time ago, that I gave to Koko last week after his similar Pile-moan. I assume he’s enjoying it. He might even share. *shhhh*

  4. Stavros, where did you get the desktop image? I want it too – that is a great pic.

  5. Check your email, iconomy…

  6. Uhh, or not. Your new site design has left me boggled. Email me (chris@emptybottle.org), and I’ll send you the pic.

  7. Is it confusing? My design, I mean.
    I’m emailing you right now 😉

  8. excerpt from What Went Into William’s Coffin With His Dead Body, by John Giorno
    His Most Favorite Gun, a 38 special snub-nose, fully loaded with five shots. The gun was my idea. “This is very important!” William called it “The Snubby.” Of his more than 100 world-class guns, it was his favorite. He often wore it on his belt during the day, and slept with it loaded under the bedsheet on his right side, every night for fifteen years. His Favorite Cane, a sword cane made of hickory with a light rosewood stain. In His Lapel Buttonhole, the rosette of the French government Commandeur Des Arts et Lettres, and the rosette of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, honors which William very much appreciated. A Joint of really good grass. Heroin. Before the funeral service, Grant Hart slipped a small white paper jacket into William’s pocket. “Nobody’s going to bust him,” said Grant. William going into the afterworld with all his adornments.

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