It boggles my mind the things the American people are allowing Shrubya and his cohort of ratbastards to do to their once-great nation. It’s sad, and somehow seems inevitable. Decades ago, when I gleefully predicted the implosion of America as a result of the rot at its very core, I never actually thought my predictions would come true!
Steve invites you to strap on the armband, don the brown shirt, and join in the Happy Fun Fascism Parade. Can I dob myself in for my UnAmerican activities? Will they have McDonalds at the labour camps?

[Background here, and here (thanks, Bb) if you’re lost. The Sydney Morning Herald notes, mildly : “Historically, informant systems have been the tools of non-democratic states.” Now that’s comedy gold.]
Edit : Eeksy-Peeksy spoke recently, in his elegant way, about something tangentially related in Poland, which I was going to mention. Now seems like a good opportunity.

Politics Chafe My Scrote

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  1. I don’t think my scrote could be any more chafed unless I had at it with a sandblaster. It’s getting worse, and very quickly. Any room over there in Korea?

  2. Not much room, and limited freedom, but no neighbourhood spies, yet.

  3. Stavros, seriously – what is the work situation there?

  4. That article I linked to in my previous post, Bb, is a good intro to it. Later today I might post a lengthier entry about it, as there was some interest from John about it too.
    Short answer is : heaps of work, everywhere, but often under unbearable conditions.

  5. We hear you talking about traitorously going to other countries, and We do not care for it. Remain where you are and a Retrieval Unit will arrive to assist you en route to Reprogramming.
    Thank you, and have a nice day.

  6. Oh Steve, you’re such a cute little long haired brown shirted facist, with an absolutely kinky interest in slapping things with a riding crop.
    Wait a sec. Isn’t a Massachuseetts facist and oxymoron?

  7. Huh? I have no idea what I said or where. But thanks.

  8. The report-on-the-foreigners thing. I thought it kind of chilling, and imagined the kind of stink I’d kick up if they had something similar here.

  9. Oh. I’m dense today, distracted. (There are rumo[u]rs of upcoming layoffs and so on concerning the evil giant for which I work. If you stop hearing from me, it’s because it happened to me.) I got used to this Police State crap. And that’s the worst thing about it, I suppose, that you get used to these things if someone doesn’t stop it in the beginning. “Oh, it’s only the police making a surprise visit on a Saturday morning…”

  10. congratulations. it only took 2 decades for your prediction to come true. actually, i think you are celebrating a little early.. maybe another 250 years and we will implode but i doubt it. might take quite some time since my country spends as much on R and D than the next 7 countries combined. we have a huge gap that some other country will have to close first. as for dumbya.. he is a one termer so get your panties out of a wad. polls schmolls… he’ll lose the next election.

  11. Hey Pukester, buddy. Long time no see! I hope you’re right.

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