If you haven’t had enough of America bashing, peruse this and this, and get back to me. For the record, I’m in almost complete agreement with the authors of these pieces, and wonder how much longer it can go on before the American people wake up and rise up.

Politics Chafe My Scrote

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  1. Jesus. This gave me chills.
    Strategies are in place to keep America tired and divided. One of the reasons our citizens don’t rise up in disgust is that there is an unbreachable gulf between left and right. People in this country are too busy pointing fingers and calling names to actually get together and get anything done.
    I don’t know why people don’t care. It’s frustrating. I do know that most of us are just scrambling to keep our heads above water. The average American carries $5,800 in credit card debt from month to month, and when you’re toiling to pay your bills it’s hard to muster enough extra energy at the end of the day to care about the bigger picture. This may sound like whining, given that the US is the most prosperous country in the world, but it’s the truth.
    We naively trust our leaders. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because we’re all cowed and afraid to rock the boat. Most of us live in fear of getting laid off, and maybe this timidity is carrying over into our political lives, I don’t know.
    This doesn’t explain why those of my fellow citizens who ARE on stable ground financially and professionally, and should have the energy to DO something, don’t. Maybe we are finally dividing into a nation of rich against poor.
    It stings to be called a nation of “monsters, hypocrites, murderers, and fools.” But I do fear for my country. It’s been showing signs of rotting from within for years. The tragedy is that we once were truly great – we were, weren’t we? else the travesty we’re becoming would be no big deal. There is still much to love here, and it saddens me that we are becoming so sick and feckless and apathetic.
    I’m curious to see what will happen with the Open Letter from a Canadian. Will it be thoroughly excoriated in the right-wing blogs? Will it be given the cold shoulder? Maybe it will be dismissed out of hand; the author does say a couple things that could be construed as anti-Semitic, and this is enough to discredit him. Nonetheless, he does make some salient points.

  2. Reading more carefully that I did when I posted this (in part as a result of the trainwreck of a corresponding MeFi thread), I notice that there are some fairly wacko things this guy is saying in his ‘open letter’, mixed in with what I feel are valid reactions to what’s happening in America these days. I’d have to file it under Rant;Semicoherent, but nonetheless, I understand precisely, I think, the source from which his rage and resentment springs.
    Thanks for your long and thoughtful comment, by the way, spacewaitress.

  3. American people wake up and rise up
    I’m not exactly sure what it is you want the American people to do. Vote for a smarter leader? Well – we have to wait 2 years for that. And yes, I fully understand that Election 2k2 was stolen but they’re not likely to start impeachment proceedings anytime soon (not yet, at least). Somehow we survived 12 years of Reagan-Bush, Dubya’s time will pass and the empire will persevere. So are we supposed to rise up some other way? Re-form the government? I’m seriously asking.

  4. Allow me my rhetorical flourishes, Oliver.
    Far be it from me to suggest armed revolution or anything of the kind : the new jefes are rarely any better than the old.
    Although I think this guy might have the right idea :
    “A period of occupation of five to 10 years could provide an opportunity to inculcate ideas of true democracy, with a fair electoral system based on absolute majority, abolition of the death penalty, introduction of unions into hi-tech industries and a break-up of the Zaibatsu, the overweening corporations such as Microsoft, Exxon and General Electric.”

  5. totally off topic but… You may remember him Wade Christian passed away this past eve. Thought you would like to know. Motorcycle accident… never had a chance from what I was told

  6. I am Canadian and do not share Mr McDougall’s insanity. I’m embarrassed for this boob and somewhat afraid for him if he sets foot in the US any time soon. Hell I want to kick his ass. People are still smarting from last year’s events and this is insensitive self-centered drivel. This is one of those times where editing would have come in handy. I have been known to resent and rant about at the haves when I was a have not, but am learning that saying nothing at all often rocks the boat less. I usually see the errors in my judgement if enough time passes. If I’ve said nothing I have no mess to clean up. Perhaps Mr McDougall should have read what he wrote and put it into the recycle bin rather than hitting send.

  7. I was rather amazed at this story, several of my friends in the USA have stated similarities happening in their beloved country!
    I forwarded it onto some of my Australian Political relatives and friends for their views and some of my Canadian friends too..
    I’m unsure how much truth is involved in it but it still causes great concern for The Usa and rest of the world! Heres another great place to read if your interested in issues..

  8. I thought the Canadian was right on the money. Of course, I’m nothing like that…

  9. Was not happy with the Canadian rant, but really liked the New York Times article.

  10. As I mentioned in Shelley’s comments, I think Mr MacD’s rant was a troll, and as such, it was a very effective one. The level of discourse in America these days (from an outsider’s perspective, which I must of necessity assume) seems to be such that it’s hard to get the attention of a significant number of people without SHOUTING, at least outside of the blogosphere.
    That’s one of the things I like about weblogging : it is still (A-List aside (joke (sort of)) a meritocracy, to a degree. Although, that said, there are many voices that should be heard that are still not as recognized as they oughta be…

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