I’ve got to agree with Jon here : even if I’m not on it, this b(l)ogroll from yet another Metafiltron, malevole, made me smile quietly to myself. Which, considering how grumpy I was earlier today, is the humour equivalent of setting off a neutron bomb in my underpants.
Also, do not miss the homepage, which is a marvel. Super extra double cool, with a light dusting of methamphetamines on top. ‘Cause they’re crunchy.


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  1. It wasn’t what I was expecting, so it got a chuckle from me too. I should continue to expect the unexpected from these crazy bloggers, shoudn’t I?
    Avery thanks you for the birthday wish, btw.

  2. Lots of chuckles from me. Going to have to mention it on my blog. Blogroll..love it.

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