BurningBird, Mike Sanders, Steve Himmer, Elaine, AKMA, Mike Golby and others have been spinning up a conversation about belief, something about which I’ve spent a lot of time thinking over the years. It’s a fascinating, enlightening rolling colloquy that continues to renew my enthusiasm for this blogspace we’re exploring (to explore strange new blogs, to seek out new ideas and new css designs, to boldly go…well, you get it). That said, I’m not sure if I’m going to take part in the conversation this time. I will, however, point you to my favourite contribution so far (which perhaps in part explains why I don’t care to participate at the moment) this play from the Accordion Guy :

Moses (blubbering): I’m…I’m r-really sorry, S-sirs…I know I could never be as smart as y-you guys…I’m just an ignorant pigf–ker…
God: Dude, don’t say “pigf–ker” in front of Jesus.
God and Jesus look at each other and begin laughing riotously.