Modest needs. It’s for real. This is the sort of thing I could get behind. Spread the word.


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  1. Sure hope it takes off. Will do my bit.
    Welcome to Movabletype — I reckon we’ll see a few more defectors soon 😉

  2. Anyone know of any URLs similar to Modest Needs? I would love to help someone out, but would like to compare some similar URLs. Thank you! -Joy

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    I have been sick for months with Plurisey and severe migraines and
    now I was in a bad car wreck a few days ago the panic attacks
    I have a concusion and bruising on my brain and whiplash. I still am
    unable to think straight and feel like everything is in slow
    motion. . I am in a verty tough situation. I am not able to work
    still and with three kids I do not know what to do. I am in need of
    groceries very bad. Sorry to dump this on you guys but I am very depressed, sick, sore and very worried about
    the kids I have my electric and water due next week also.. Email me off group please if you are interested in
    helping. I have a kroger and walmart food store here if anyone could
    help me I am in dire need. Things here are so bad. The kids not only
    need food but clothing if anyone has any girls summer clothes size 7
    or 8 or boys size 15 or 16 please let me know. I feel bad even asking
    but I am in need of help and do not know where to turn. Tried signing
    up for assistance but they told me it would be up to 45 days before I
    could get help with food … I have 3 kids and cannot wait .. I am
    humbly asking for someone out there that could help me with food cards tp kroger or walmart and clothing for the kids please email me off group. I am too sick to read all the posts in the groups right now. I cannot get food stamps … the story is way too confusing to explain .. so that is not an option for me.
    no this is not a scam or hoax. I am a mother of 3 kids who is in a bad situation at the moment and pretty embarrassed about the post but I am desperate. I didnt even think anyone would care enough to respond or they would think it was a scam or hoax like you did. I feel like my world is crashing not only am I sick ,but my insurance cancelled me and DMV found out so now I do not even have a drivers license and between the accident I was in and DMV now it will cost about 800 to get my license back. I was suspended and didnt know it so I got a ticket for that plus driving without insurance…. luckily I guess I was the only one hurt in the wreck. I hydroplaned off of I-81 and crashed but didnt involve any other cars. So I am not only sick and not at all feeling well , needing groceries so awful bad but now I cannot even drive or go back to work when I do feel better because I cannot drive and I live far off from any kind of bus.. Ok deep breaths —- I dont know if you can help me … but at least I got all this off my chest to someone. Thank you … Julie

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