Great minds think alike.
I had this idea recently about using Daypop or Blogdex to track ideas and conversations, and lo and behold, someone’s written something that is a first step in that direction. I have implemented it here, to give it a whirl. The magic may take a while to appear, as the script runs after the page is fully loaded, and my instant referrer doodad is acting up a bit. When it does load, click on the little [b]’s beside any link to see who else is talking about that link…
The toy erroneously puts a Blogdex [b] beside my category links, too, which I’ll try to fix tomorrow, but otherwise it seems pretty cool. Let me know if it floats your boat or chafes your scrote (or appropriate other body part, as required).
Bow to the riff lord.
Edit : I’ve disabled it. Too obtrusive.

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  1. “Edit : I’ve disabled it. Too obtrusive.”

  2. Ya know, it sounded like a good idea…until I saw it in action at plasticbag….Jeezuz, those little (b)’s were annoying! Like trademark symbols sprinkled throughout but worse, they just distracted from the original blog. Oh well…onward…

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