There are some very smart things being said by some very smart bloggers around the neighbourhood, apparently spurred at least in part by one of my occasional, typically-crude brainfarts. This pleases me, even if I’m not too interested at the moment in going meta and joining the conversation. What my bloggerly friends have to say is a pleasure to read, and although I find myself agreeing for the most part with them, I ought to make it clear that I had nothing so erudite in mind when writing the post. Just singing my song, you know?
Anyway, some Deep Thoughts and Worthwhile from the completely unsh-tweasellike Tom, Steve, Jonathon, and AKMA. I love these guys – they make me look like I’m clever, when really I’m just voluble and profane and tediously honest.
[Edit : Add The Happy Tutor to the discussion…]

People Say Stuff Sometimes

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  1. Nothing like tooting your own horn… Watch out Chicken, swollen heads have doomed many a bumbling moron.
    I wonder Chicken, if you spent less time concentrating on your next (or last) drunken binge maybe you’d be better off pursuing the political issues you claim to value so much. Could it be your just as lame in dealing with the issues as the idiots you so quickly insult???

  2. What’s your problem, Rocky? Got nothing better to do with your time than come here and take potshots at me?
    Now that’s lame.
    I’d tell you to go fuck yourself, but the instructions I’d no doubt have to give you would take up to much of *my* time.

  3. Also, what part of ‘Politics Chafe My Scrote’ don’t you understand, you dolt? I don’t ‘value’ politics, I loathe them, and those who take them seriously (like you, apparently) are a constant pain in the ass.
    Also also, what part of my self-effacing post, referencing comments made on an older post by friends of mine (by no means the first, something you clearly have missed in your rush to feign cleverness) indicates to you that my head is swelled as a result? My head is perpetually swelled, and pissants like you aren’t going to change that, son.
    I wonder which Cliff’s Notes version of Strunk & White led you to believe that tacking ‘???’ at the end of a question helps you make your halfwit point. Not one that I’ve seen, anyway.
    Bah. Crawl back under your bridge, troll. I don’t know why I’ve bothered feeding you, other than it’s first thing in the morning, and now you’ve got me all grumpy.
    My next drunken binge begins soon. Stay tuned. If you don’t like that, then stay the fuck away, asshat.

  4. One last thing before I go to work : I’ve banned your IP, sunshine. This is my house, and I don’t particularly want you here if you’re gonna get all up in my face.
    I’ll not be wastin’ any more time on you.

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