[Update: I’d just like to say that after watching the first season that that Californication I mention below show is pandery crap, with only sporadic flashes of not-suck. I won’t be going back. I’ve got to guess it’s either written by committee or by dartboard, because it veers from pretty good to laughably bad, seemingly at random. Too bad.]

I’ve been downloading and cycloptically watching the new series Californication because a) David Duchovny amuses me b) he plays a hard-drinking writer c) the pilot episode was so blatantly and manipulatively packed with prettily wobbling female flesh that, well, yeah and d) the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Shut up, I like the old stuff, OK.

Since then, sadly, the per-episode count of nipples’n’bottoms has dropped precipitously, perhaps because Australian grannies spit the proverbial dummy (but then Austrlian grannies aren’t really the target audience, here). Or, more likely, the sexy sexoring was just a cynical out-of-the-gate attention-grab ploy. So it goes. The series hasn’t lived up to the promise of the pilot, but it’s something to play up in the corner of my monitor while I’m metafiltering or fiddling with design stuff. Lets me vicariously be that guy that I’d already tired of actually being by the time I was 30, but who I still miss, sometimes, a bit.

Anyway, all that’s preliminary to a plot thread from a couple of episodes ago that left me scratching my head a little, wondering if either I was out of touch with what’s actually happening to the language in America, or if the writers are.

See, Duchovny, playing boozehound and improbably-lucky-with-the-ladies author Hank Moody, is impelled into spasms of disgust and despair at the decline of Culture (the backstory being that he is blocked, thus drunk, and whoring himself out to a corporate blog for cash) when one of his recent conquests actually says ‘LOL’ out loud. In, if I recall correctly, barefaced unironic response to some bon mot he comes out with in the sack.

Do people actually say LOL now? Out loud? (And by people, I mean, you know, adults.) Do kids even do it? Am I that old?

See, the thing is, I’m almost willing to believe it, because listening to the quite entertaining Totally Rad Show podcast the other day, Alex, whose giddy wordplay I usually enjoy, came out with ‘[Name of somebody] FTW!’
FTW means ‘for the win’, for those of you even crustier and more clued-out than I.

But he didn’t actually say ‘for the win!’, he said ‘FTW!’ ‘For the win’ has three syllables, even after a dozen beers. ‘FTW’ has five. The combination of vowels and consonants are bumpier and harder to say. It just doesn’t make any goddamn sense.


I don’t know. I guess I’ll just go and have a nice glass of Metamucil or something.

People Say Stuff Sometimes, Thoughts That, If Not Deep, Are At Least Wide

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  1. I have heard kids say “el oh el” or make hand signs for it, but it’s more like mocking LOL. Acronyms work on the ‘net but they don’t make the transition back out to the spoken word as easily at times.

  2. WTF was that about?

  3. Good god, I thought ftw was just wtf backwards, like teh.
    Er, teh does mean the, don’t it?

  4. Saying FTW instead of for the win doesn’t confuse me as much as saying LOL rather than the actual act of laughing out loud. What are kids today, Vulcans?
    …and get the hell off of my lawn.

  5. How you get the tv in the corner of the monitor? How? Tv and computer? How?

  6. Uh, I download 100% of the non-Korean TV I watch via bittorrent, Roy, and watch it with Media Player Classic on my PC. Of course there are other ways to do it, but I thought the first sentence made it clear.

  7. This is a move of desperation.
    I am stuck with a problem with your ‘recipe’ (August 12th) for installing MoveableType 4.x and XAMPP.
    Ther appears to be no way I can post a comment to that particular blog entry – although two people appear to have done so !! All my attempts fail.
    Could we possibly communicate ‘off blog’ to see what I am doing wrong
    many thanks
    michael mesage

  8. I thought FTW meant Fuck The World. That’s what they told me when I got this tattoo back in 1970! Now you got me wondering what that “1%er” really means.

  9. Michael — The post was closed to keep the scumbag spammers at bay. I have doubts that I can help you at all (I’m *far* from expert) but you can drop me an email at wonderchickenindustries at gmail, and maybe I can offer a suggestion or two.

  10. Yeah, so, uh… where you been?
    Seriously, it’s been months. And, speaking of months, you promised more drinking stories several posts (months) ago. So, unless by “drinking stories,” you meant “nothing,” quit with the welshing or I’ll stop paying what I do to read what you write.
    Really, though, I wish you’d post more.

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