So I heard some people are averting their eyes, avowing that they’ll Blog No More about all the War and Death and Ugliness and Ickiness; telling us that they feel they must disengage from the angry and divisive back-and-forth bayonette to the guts wartalk flying back and forth across the blogosphere lately. It’s just so taxing. Too much, too wild, too real, too damn disruptive to quiet contemplation and coffee consumption. The voices who shout out against war are all but indistinguishable in their stridency from the voices who cheer the Forces of Freedom, darn it! I thought all that fact-checking of their asses would be fun! It’s all so easily parsed, too obvious – I know the forces of Good are the Forces of Evil, sometimes, silly, and the Evil Doers are still there, darn it, and the Doers of Good are semi-plus unbad, well, at least sometimes, and I weary of explaining it all to my loyal readers, and besides all this typing is making me tired already, especially when some random Googlenaut winds up at My Personal Website with a search for “America Number One” +pussy -cheeselogs and leaves a comment that makes me feel like my carefully chosen words are all pearls-before-swining themselves, and I just can’t do it any more, I need to find my happy place….
Not to put too fine a point on it, but I’m thinking you can go f–k yourselves, you lame sh-tmorsels. Grab some anger [mp3 – 2Mb] and ride it into the dirt, or step the f–k back.

(If this is unfair to those who have made a firm stand against making a firm stand, well, tough sh-t is all I can say to you this evening, my friends.)

non compos mentis, Uncrappy

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  1. What an eccentric performance

  2. *bows hesitantly, expecting to be knocked on the head*

  3. (Also, I should I wasn’t talking about anyone in particular. Just blowin’ off some steam.)

  4. Um, can you just repeat that last part? I didn’t quite get the gist of what you were saying. Try not being so subtle next time 😉

  5. Talking about this stuff can get draining and I don’t blame people for leaving the commentary up to the dedicated, they certainly don’t seem to be lacking in numbers on either end. A lot of the sites seem to merely drive in the same point over and over again anyway.
    I agree about those that choose ignore it completely. Anyhow, thanks for the venting it was fun to read. If I can’t have fun with my stress WTF is it good for?

  6. In the wake of the 3rd Reich, German intellectuals who stayed in Germany and were quiescent claimed they had gone on an ‘inner exile’ – like fleeing the country ‘in spirit’. I’m not convinced they chose a particularly dignified or brave path.
    On the other hand, I never blog about politics. Why? Because I don’t think blogging counts as real political intervention. Just because one doesn’t blog doesn’t mean one isn’t engaged. In fact, if one doesn’t blog for a week or so, one could conceivably be in prison for civil disobedience.
    An inexcusable quiesence is one thing. Knowing what makes a difference and what doesn’t is another. Get me?

  7. Is there an unclosed small tag at the end of this post? It’s like Amazing Microscope World in here.

  8. Good catch, Rory. Fixed (looked fine on IE, which, embedded in the excellent MyIE2, is my browser of choice).

  9. It might look as if I’m averting my eyes in my most recent post, which only vaguely alludes to Bush’s Iraqi Adventure, but in actuality they – my eyes – have fallen from my head . . . KERPLUNK! . . . Washed out by the river of tears I have shed for a country that might have, once upon a time, had a chance to live up to the promise it once held but now wanders lost in madness.

  10. Stavros, you mad bastard. You still wanna’ get married? Yup, when I’m plumb tuckered out [as Gary Hart or George Bush might say] or freely fucked and mind-blown [as I might say], I know where to turn. You makin’ me feel alright. Good stuff. Good? It’s, as ever, pyrotechnically brilliant, a veritable dose of psychic Shock and Awe. My battteries are recharged and I am ready to do whatever it is I need to do. Fuck, yes, get back to work. But, when I’m finished, I will continue, greatly fortified, to slay the Great, Brutal and Ever-Mutating Beast. Besides, I don’t give a damn who gets bored with my sounding off about the dumb facists taking over the globe. I’m interested and I matter. No matter what the fundis say blogging’s about, that’s what it is for me. Thanks, bro’, I knew some insane exile would pitch at the party and, yes, I’m damned pleased you did. When the war crimes start, we’re going to have a high old time, I can tell you… I’ll even take a drink or two myself. I’ll have to leave Wendy at home but there you go, that’s life, eh? 🙂

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