My mission to annoy and alienate as many Very Important Bloggers as possible (for street cred, daddy-o!) continues apace. The hum from the hive rises threateningly when it is disturbed. The sound soothes me. I step back, then, drawn by the hypnotic throb of the multitude, step forward again and take another f–king whack at it.
No, really. I like to be liked, honest, but I’d rather truth-tell than ass-kiss. Be a lot easier if I had a clue what the truth was. Still, I’m not a-gonna pucker up, either way.


Looks like I picked the wrong month to stop sniffing glue.

non compos mentis

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  1. People can’t even figure out what I’m talking about, so I never get the sandwich bullies after me. Except the woman at home, of course. I always have to make sandwiches for her.

  2. I blogged a few thoughts on this. I thought it was in the best interest of the blogging community as a whole to be kind and tactful in how I phrased my response, to appeal to the widest possible audience and not close down conversation. I did my best.

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  4. At my blog I have thirty-two separate “Sucking up to [a-list blogger]” categories. Eventually I will profit so much from all this ass kissing that I won’t even mind that my lips are cramped in a perpetual pucker. I will finally be popular and I will be invited to all the best parties where I will drink from a straw.

  5. Handy Wonderchicken Hint #327 : Drinking beer through a straw doesn’t get you drunker, but it’s still heaps of fun!

  6. It’s never the right month to give up sniffing glue 😉
    So, while you’re still sniffing, care to enlarge on the pithy, pissy summary of social software and emergent democracy you provided in Shelley’s comments?

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  9. Who likes you is always more important that how many people like you. (Mantra Streetcredulous).

  10. Whack away, stavros – just think of it as your own personal, virtual whack-a-mole game. The self-importance of some people staggers me sometimes.

  11. The beer is calling me, friends, and that means I’ll either just get all sentimental and huggy and forget about this completely, or possibly go on a tear that’ll have ’em cowering from Manhattan to San Fran and all points in between. The darty boogers! [/scots accent]
    Survey says?

  12. Survey says start off sentimental and huggy to expose their soft bellies, then let it rip.
    Not that I’d sugggest such thing purely to keep myself entertained.

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