The Samsung ladyphone : just one of those occasional excrescences of Korean weirdness into English, not just cognitive dissonance-inducing mistranslation, but a brief glimpse into the whirling void of cluelessness that yawns at the core of this nation of loveable doozers.
There’s more than just those 32 chips of cubic zirconia (wow, that’s class!) and a built in make-up mirror. Much, much more! Check out these just-for-her features!

Features for Women
– Biorhythm
– Fatness Index
– Calorie Calculator
– Pink Schedule
– Menstruation

Excellent! A phone with Menstruation and a Fatness Index! I don’t know what a Pink Schedule is, but I want one! I’m in gadget heaven, and I’m not even a woman!


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  1. I gather the Pink schedule is to do with ovulation, for those girlies intent on getting pregnant. This is perhaps of limited use to blokes, though it might be fun to play with.
    The Fatness Index intrigues me: I can only surmise that the Index ranges from “Very Slim and Desirable” to “Just Perfect”, values like “Cuddly”, “Rubenesque”, etc. being considered a little too risky.

  2. well korea is the one place in the world where women have MENSTRUATION leave!

  3. I’ve heard this as well, but it may be apocryphal, or at least wildly unusual.

  4. I’m a bit flummoxed by the ‘women’s features’ of this phone. A Calorie counter, Fat Index, Biorhythm, Menstruation… not to mention the oddly-named ‘Pink Index” all make the phone sound like a bad issue of Cosmo. Who the hell did the market research for this little device?
    Actually, looking at the phone, I think it could do very well on the gay market. A diamonte encrusted phone is very camp, you have to admit.

  5. Ah, but does it vibrate?

  6. what is the real need for thes things they are just useless ways to make a quick dollor. dosen’t anyone feel prode in earning really earning what they have? i know i like knowing i make it on my own. but i can also see the humor in these things and i in vest in anything that vibrates. lol.

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