I’m not terribly interested in soccer, but I might just mention some of the other stuff around the edges that you might find amusing (thanks fishrush!) and that you might not otherwise see. This does not make me a journalist. Heh.

For example, this picture from Kimpo Airport of Big Football Hero Ronaldo (reportedly), making a complete f–king racist ass of himself.
cultural ambassador_lo.jpg


Cultural Ambassador.


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  1. Stuff like that makes me jump out of my (pale) skin, probably from years of social pressure on kids to not not not no never never never make slant-eye faces at Asians or big-lipped faces at blacks, and because Asians and blacks where I grew up were trained to take (and voice) offense at such idiocy. By the time I was old enough to think about why it would be stupid to do such things, revulsion at them was already a natural reflex. I suspect this Ronaldo McDonaldo, apart from being dim, comes from a place where there are few Asians and none of the sensitivity training we all got. Kids (I don’t know about adults) do that slant-eyed-buck-toothed crap in Poland, too, and I don’t think they mean any harm, though it certainly bothers me. They don’t feel the reflex revulsion and humiliation I feel when someone mocks the appearance of other varieties of people. Do Korean kids make any sort of fun of white people (or other typical sorts of people) in a physical way? I’m trying to imagine these things in reverse (round eyes? thin lips? big noses?) but I don’t know how a kid would imitate them. They would have great fun gawking at my big beak and red complexion.

  2. Do Korean kids make any sort of fun of white people (or other typical sorts of people) in a physical way?
    Ohhh yeah. Non-Koreans are stereotyped in various classes (black, white, whatever) and made merciless fun of, not only by kids, but by adults too. On evening TV variety shows, Americans (and by extension Canadians) are consistently portrayed (and often caricatured for a cheap laugh) as burger-inhaling, stinky, bignosed, loud-mouthed boors. The portrayal of black Americans, or black folks in general, can be imagined and is best left undescribed, and goes unquestioned.
    This is to be expected, I suppose.
    By posting a picture of this famous sporting idiot I by no means mean to excuse the blatant and unapologetic racism of Koreans : it just astonished me that a drooling cretin like this would be allowed to behave in such a way in front of the cameras, given that he’s a famous drooling cretin.

  3. two things
    1. blacks are commonly shown as koreans in face paint and an afro wig saying “ooga booga”.
    2. blacks and mixed blacks like renaldo are actually the minority in brazil.

  4. Which probably explains why Bush asked “Do you have blacks, too” of the Brazilian president, thus embarrasing us (the US) in front of that of the world that he isn’t considering blowing up.

  5. Im half white, and growing up in Kangnam, there wher very few minorities, in all seriousness, i may have been the only one. But most of my friends, from the Hooker Hill area, where mixed Korean/Black…a product of “American Military Might.” They’ve got it bad. If you think Whites and Blacks have it bad in Korea try switching places with a “half breed.” We have noplace.

  6. there are over 50 million blacks in brazil, i wouldn’t say they are “MINOR”

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