You know, I love Korea. I really do, in a tangled-up, possibly unhealthy way, and it drives me up the wall when cretins like this, who represent the worst that the place has to offer, somehow end up being noticed. I have a strong suspicion that reading badly-written, speciously-argued tripe like this will push more people to blindly condemn something they might not have cared much about in the first place.

“Giving in to pressure from mostly foreign dissenters, Korea has banned the use of dog meat. [wonderchicken interjection : No, they haven’t. Nor should they] In doing so, this has reduced the sovereignty of Korea and what it stands for. That is the revelation of submissive idea under the influence of foreign country to lower ourselves down, having a negative view on dog meat.”

How about a steaming cup of shut the f–k up? For the sake of your country, at least.
Nonetheless, here I am, linking the little essay. Short version for those who can’t be bothered to click through : it’s another episode in the Dog Meat story. I’ve talked about this issue here and here and here and here and here and here.
This time I’ll just let you draw your own conclusions, I think. Read this too, before you do.
Two all-dog patties, special sauce…