A huge number of Googly-searches showing up here lately have been for bottle+f–k, which I assume is a niche-porno thang. It’s all good, if nasty and pathetic.
What amused me when I clicked one of the referrers for the ‘bottle f–k’ search in the recent-referrer gadget over on the right there, was that as of the latest GoogleBot index of the EmptyBottle, not only was I hit #4 for ‘bottle f–k’ but the quoted text was ‘footsore random dogsh-t wandering’ which I don’t even remember writing, but is Pure WonderChicken Poetry in my mind. Sums up the last decade and a half of my life, by criminy-cheesetoast!
And really, since I (when I’m in my right mind) write most of this sh-t for myself for the most part, the fact that that amuses me a whole bunch is all that counts, ain’t it?


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  1. Almost all porno is niche-porno.
    One of my recent porn googles came, I believe, from Sir Paul McCartney: ‘one legged naked women’. And someone wanted ‘philistine naked women’. I like naked women myself, but ‘philistine’ is obscene.

  2. I think yesterday I saw a google search to your site for “korean kids and surgery.” Surgery?

  3. Yeah, I talked about it a couple of months ago. People are making their kids undergo surgery to snip a bit of connective tissue at the base of their tongues. The rationale is that – get this – waeguk-in have longer and more flexible tongues than Koreans, and this surgery will allow kids to better pronounce English and other foreign languages. What a gigantic crock of shit. But the usual ’round here.

  4. I’ve had a few doozies too. “Normal Naked People” and “sex between older women and younger men” seem to lead to my site, not to mention “scientific crawfish photos” and “ozzy osbourne’s shoes.”
    As much as I love Ozzy I could honestly give a frogs fat ass about the man’s footwear.
    Actually reading a site-tracker is almost as much fun as blogging itself. I’m assuming that the visitor from the .jp domain is you stav although someone from Belgium has been dropping in as well, to which I can only say “Welcome, and your people make great beer”

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