Dear WonderChickenistas,
In a development predictable to anyone who’s been doing this for a while, I’ve come to the conclusion that this game is not as much fun as once it was, so I think I’m going to take a wee break. I love each and every one of the few hundred folks who show up here every day to read the new stuff that tumbles out from the spin cycle in my brain, I really do, and I thank you for the recognition and the kindness and the pornographic haiku and the cheese-flavoured snacks. Especially the snacks.
But, like many before me, people better, smarter, stronger, faster, and possessed of bionic limbs that are just way out of my price bracket, I must take a wee break to fix – or at least pretend to fix, or make a stab at thinking about fixing, or maybe just drink enough to achieve the erroneous conviction that I’ve fixed – the semi-fictional but nonetheless distracting problems I keep finding in my life at the moment.
Not that the power, wonder, glory and sheer incoherence that is called WonderChicken is going away, precisely. I’ll see you on the ‘Filter, on the ‘Pile, at the MonkeyHouse, and in your blog comments, when you least expect it. Ka-pow!
But I need a break, I think, from approval-seeking, to try and find something that’s a little…meatier… to which I should devote my primary attention.
I’ll be back, soon, no doubt.
Love (and peace, by crikey),


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  1. Enjoy the break Chris.
    I’m on one too, but accidentally. I moved hosts for myself and 40 plus clients and somehow killed MT in the process.
    Now I find the break unintentionally therapeutic.

  2. The personal publishing revolution continues, even though some summer soldiers must from time to time return home to get the crops in, start a new baby, or whatever.
    Each of us is a medium and together we have already redefined the media, and held a few dynamite seances while we were at it.
    So while we wait for the return of WonderChicken, we will ask not for whom the cock crows… it crows for brew.

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