So, like every other convert to the Dreamhost cult, I’ve been offering discounts for new Dreamhost signups here, for a while. I haven’t been shoving it in your face like a Chippendale dancer, though, so you may not even have noticed. That’s cool. There aren’t all that many people who are either looking for hosting for the first time, or looking to switch.
The way it works is that if you use Dreamhost, you get a referrer ID which, if other people sign up using that referrer, you get some cash money. You can also create discount codes, which cut into your reward for new signups, and give discounts whose values you can define to new users.
Now, because I’m all about the sharing and the caring (and I loathe anything that smacks of marketing), I’m going to tell you how to circumvent all that wonderchicken pocket-lining (if that’s what you want to do) and get a seriously nuts discount on Dreamhost, if you’re so inclined. I won’t make a thin dime off it, but you will get damn good hosting for next to nothing.
If you want take advantage of it, get a new Dreamhost account, just create a new userID, choose a plan, and enter ‘777’ or ‘888’ as your promo code. You can use it before you do the final checkout, or enter any credit card details or anything, to see that it works. These are old codes, but they’ve been re-enabled as of a month or so ago, as near as I’ve been able to find out.

  • ‘777’ gives you a year of hosting, including a free domain registration that remains free as long as you use Dreamhost to host it, for $9.42 for the year (for the L1 plan, which I use, and don’t come close to maxing out, by orders of magnitude). That’s right, US$9.42.
  • ‘888’ gives you an 80% discount on any plan.

These codes, like the ones I offer here, will only work for your first year, after which you’ll pay about $10 a month if you carry on using Dreamhost. (That’s even get-aroundable, if you’re willing to go through the hassle of killing your old ID and signing up with a new one.) Even the $120/year I find to be a good deal. I’m well into my second year now, and paying full price this time around. (Well, technically — in fact, the referrer credit I made from folks using me as a referrer paid for my second year in full. Hoopla!)
So, as always : if you want a pretty decent discount and want to shoot me the price of a few beers in the bargain, use one of my discount codes.
If you just want supercheap hosting, give one of those numeric codes a blast. You won’t regret it. Dreamhost oversells like nuts, of course, but so far I haven’t seen any real impact on the service they offer. I’ve seen some complaints about customer service around the web, but I’ve personally never come across anything I couldn’t figure out myself, so I’ve never had that problem, and hell, for $10 a year, you really can’t go wrong.
Share and enjoy.


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  1. (psst! somebody tell chicken there’s a ‘404’ on his dreamhost page!)

  2. Oh, Look! Another Waste of Time!

    Thanks to the fabulously stupendous (to say nothing of stupendously fabulous) Wonderchicken and his penchant for passing along a good bargain, I now have yet another blog squatting in yet another web server (this time, one I’m actually paying for…

  3. Thanks, memer. Repaired.
    Guess I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

  4. But…Dreamhost has a $49.95 setup fee on all plans. Does the coupon code waive the setup fee?

  5. No they don’t, Mike. That’s pretty clear from their site, I’d’ve thought. (As in “(NO Setup Fees!)” in big friendly letters right beside the One Year- and Two Year Prepayment plans…) They have a setup fee on plans where you pay monthy, which is a terrible idea all ’round, as it costs you more money.
    My first year I paid less than $10 grand total, domain registration included. I know dozens of other people that did the same, and went full-price for their second and subsequent years, as I did.
    You can go all the way through the signup process without checking out and see the total price for yourself. With the 777 code, you’ll pay nine bucks and change, all in.

  6. There’s two new promo codes out for April 2006.
    $25 off monthly plans.
    $50 off yearly plans.
    Then there’s:
    $25 off monthly plans.
    $90 off yearly plans.
    All-in-all, it’s a damn good deal!

  7. Or just use 97USDOFF promo code to get the full discount. Any referrer offerring less than 97 USD off are pocketing the difference for themselves.

  8. Dreamhost is one of the best hosting I used for the price.
    “Sales” will give you $90 off all plans, which makes an a unbeatable price.

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