The new template I’ve been messing around with is live (as you’ve hopefully noticed), even if it’s perhaps not quite ready for primetime…why the hell not, eh? I’m not sure if I’m happy with it, but I wanted to try a couple things (like the category icons). Archives and comments display and so on have yet to be updated.
Should work fine in all modern browsers. Let me know if you have a problem. Any feedback is much appreciated. I haven’t integrated a single damn thing that Mark’s been talking about lately (except accidentally, like today’s, because I hate popup windows too), since I’m a complete bastard but I probably will, once I iron out the bugs and clean up the extraneous crud. Also, I have encountered some folks out there who are super-hip and elegantly snarky, and who have been known to curl their designer-lip at the preponderance of grey and blue one sees all over the place. f–k ya. There’s a reason I wear blue jeans and that 90% of my other clothing is either black or white or grey. They’re easy.
And by the way : happy Canada Day to you all, even if you’re, you know, not.
Edit : The juxtaposition of images used herein is in no way intended to promote or condone the crime of drinking and driving. Driving and then drinking, however, now that’s just peachy.


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  1. W00t! Pirst fost!
    Uhh, just testing.

  2. Um, nice template and all, but for some reason my good old-fashion IE 5.5 does not show it right. The category logos are on top of the text, so I couldn’t read the newest entry.
    The section which says “Formally known as..” is kind of on top of the entry as well.
    But hey, what do I know? I am just a guy who uses templates created by other people…

  3. Geo, are you at 800×600 resolution? That’s something I should have mentioned – the template is pretty sketchy at that resolution. I will fiddle with z-indexes, though, to make the center column topmost…

  4. I like it. I like the blue and grey. I like the drinking. I like to drink. I like to be drunk. I’d like to be drunk. I be drunk. I drunk. Like drunk. Drunk like drunk like like be like it bluegreydrunkhiccupblahbuddydude…

  5. It looks to me like you’re fallng prey to the various incarnations of the box-model bug. In Opera 5, the center area is wide enough that about 15-20 pixels of each edge are under the flanking columns. The Tantek Celik hack, together with the “be nice to Opera rule” should fix that, but it can be a real pain to sort out the first time. Plus, who the hell uses Opera, anyway?

  6. Graham : I did actually hoik the layout stuff (or some of it at least) from The Noodle Incident, which incorporates the Tantek Celik hack (which I don’t pretend to understand very well, mind you), so I was hoping my ample bum was covered, to a degree..
    I didn’t test in Opera 5, but I did have a look at it in Opera 6 and Mozilla, and above 800×600 it was OK, if a little crowded at 800.
    I’m not done yet with fiddling, though…

  7. Of course, that said, I suddenly realized that I ended up with three columns somehow…how’d that happen.
    Ah well, I’ll revisit the layout peculiarities tomorrow. It’s 3:30 am in the steamy metropolis of Seoul, and my ears hurt.

  8. Never mind, Stav – stretching the window way way out fixed it. All better. Sleep tight.

  9. It looks much better. And I had the biggest resolution possible – 1024 by 768.
    Sweet Dreams…
    Happy Canada Day

  10. :: applause ::

  11. There’s something wrong with grey and blue?

  12. Whooohooo! It looks great.

  13. Cool stuff, might fowl.
    I like the interesting background image – looks like a dream.
    Happy Canada Day!!

  14. I like the layering, the color scheme, and the fact that it gives your words more prominence on the page. I also have the “Formerly known as” section covered up, though, no matter what resolution I use. Looks and reads great, though!

  15. Dammit Stavros, hate to bitch but – now (and continually since your last update) the “Formerly Known As” box is on top of the first post in the column, meaning I can’t really read it until it’s been replaced in the column by later ones. Shouldn’t the column wrap around that static box, or something?

  16. What’s your browser/version and screen resolution, Commish? I can’t really do anything until I know that…

  17. If you’re at 640×480, I’m gonna spank you!

  18. * prepares to be spanked anyway *
    IE 5.00, and –
    800×600 (best I can do – hey, so sue me!)

  19. You know, that’s weird. It should work, if not perfectly, at least adequately at that resolution with that browser… hmmm.
    On my machine, it looks like this :
    at 800×600. Not perfect (floaty category icon overlap to the left), but the ‘important’ stuff is readable.
    If it looks like that on yours, poop on ya! It’ll hafta do, for now at least! If not, can you describe?
    Thanks again!

  20. I like the redesign, my strange avian friend.

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