I’ve got to say, the more I play with this thing, the more I like it. It’s powerful, flexible, and easy as pie for a semi-geek like myself to customize.
I draw your attention to two new features over on the sidebar to the right : a list of the five most recently-commented upon entries, and a list of all the blog categories, with a post-count beside each. I played a bit fast and loose with the categories when I imported from Blogger, but they’re relatively accurate, for the most part. Please feel free to waste hours of your precious time perusing the archives – there’s some stinky crap in there, but there’s some Good Eatin’ too, if I do say so myself.


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  1. Hey VunderChicken: I, too, love the new design. But for some reason, your sidebar does the unskinny bop when the page is finished loading and covers up your newest posts. I have to reach them by clicking on the sidebar link.

  2. Hey Shannon – thanks for the feedback – if you see this, could you let me know your browser/version/OS and what resolution you’re at?

  3. Yeah, I guess if I had any sense I’d have told you that before, eh? That would be… IE6/Windows 2000P and eh… 1024×768. But it’s not doing it anymore. Did you fix it, or was it a weird bug?

  4. And don’t you mean, “what resolution you’re at, jackass?”

  5. I think I know what it is as it’s done it to me as well. For some reason, the maple leaf picture doesn’t load up all the time, and since the alt text is so long, the right sidebar expands to fit all of the alt text. Which completely covers the middle section…

  6. oops, just saw that you responded to my other note down the page. heh.

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