I’ve been thinking about weblogging again, or trying to think, at least. (sh-t, no! Run! He’s trying to think again!) I find it hard to work and think concurrently, but I’ve got a week off coming up, during which I plan to think and drink a fair bit. Drinking and thinking; now that, I have down to a fine art.
I have a major, non-weblogging project I’m going to be working on as well, but maybe I’ll be able to draw my thoughts together enough to write something that will offend the maximum number of people. But, you know, in a constructive way.
The addendum to this Dave Eggers email interview is fairly central to the way I’ve been approaching the whole thing

Those who bestow sellouthood upon their former heroes are driven to do so by, first and foremost, the unshakable need to reduce. The average one of us – a taker-in of various and constant media, is absolutely overwhelmed – as he or she should be – with the sheer volume of artistic output in every conceivable medium given to the world every day – it is simply too much to begin to process or comprehend – and so we are forced to try to sort, to reduce. We designate, we label, we diminish, we create hierarchies and categories.

as is this post from Jeneane Sessum. Yes, I’ve been reading blogs again, too.