I’m sicker than a gut-shot monkey on the set of a Russ Meyer titty-spectacular, I’m boreder than a glory-hole sander at Bar Sinister in Amsterdam, I’m queasier than Buzz Aldrin chokin’ down the buzzcut nitrogen punishment in orbit.
Whatever. I’ve been infected by self-important look-at-me wanktards* spurting their goofy podcast jism all over the blogobucket, so I got hammered and recorded my last post for posterity.
*of which I am one, or else why would I do this?
Update: My old good friend the mighty Bearman

Barry - Paris sunrise - edit.jpg

has taken the audio and backed it with some of his superb piano playing. The web is so damn cool. Thanks, man!

Me|dia, non compos mentis, Uncrappy

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  1. You almost make me believe in podcasting, Stav. This is what I imagine it could be — not people playing pretend DJs.
    I really enjoyed this.

  2. This was a great reading, I hope you consider doing these from time to time.

  3. Wow.
    You’re apparently having as much fun reading it as writing it in the first place…
    Bandwidth is bandwitdh, but man, you’re welcome to do it again anytime you feel like it 🙂

  4. No pod here (yet), but I like the sound of your voice.
    And I had a similar experience once, except it was with a rock (okay, that sounds stupid).

  5. Dances with Geese

    Yesterday was a gray day with mixed rain and snow and slushy grounds and the threat of ice on the road. However, I’ve made a pact with myself to get out and walk everyday, regardless of the weather–around the neighborhood if I absolutely must, though…

  6. Once again, thanks, folks! I had lot of fun (well, I was three sheets to the wind) doing this, and I thought it came off pretty well, if a little stiff at the beginning.
    I’ll probably do it again, if I can patch up my headset, which is in bits.
    If you linked here, your link might be broken, ’cause I changed the title of the post to ‘Messin’ with the Pod People’, because, well, hell, looks like I’m one of ’em now, sorta, and ‘fuck them’ seemed a bit needlessly harsh.
    That’d’ve been the booze talkin’ 😉

  7. You know, I think it’s been about ten years since I actually heard you speak. Woo hoo, cigs and booze and vocal cords! If you keep it up for another ten years, you may yet manage a vocal transformation on the order of Marianne Faithfull.

  8. Man (or woman, yah hey), has it been that long? Remember, remember, like a decade ago when we bemoaned gettin’ old, mostly while hungover? I miss you and all that youth we pissed away all over the place, ma vieille.
    I’d be happier with Tom Waits than Marianne, I admit; same meat different gravy, though, by crikey, by Crom.

  9. Mr. Chicken, I suspect the Objective of Youth is to piss it away; the better to look back in fondness and horror so that one day you too can sit in the lounge of a Senior Care Home, laughing out loud as you watch the reruns of long-ago things Panavision projected within your own head.

  10. Stavros!
    The post you said I steal you begins in Spanish saying:
    Alguien ya hizo una vez el mejor primer post de la historia, así que le robo el código. Disfrutadlo…
    Someone did some time ago the BEST INITIAL POST in history, so I will steal his genious. Enjoy that…
    –> And it is obviously a TRIBUTE to the best initial post I ever read. I will delete it if you want, of course. Sorry for the misunderstading and say me something.

  11. Alex : I’m pleased you liked the post in question, and it’s fine to quote some of it, as you like, but please don’t reproduce the entire thing at your site, especially without asking.

  12. Grit, readings, and Bukakke

    Ferenc Cako’s sand animation, performed live. Not only is this cool to watch, it gives us a flashback to the sort of organic animation they don’t do as often on…

  13. Stavros, I cut off the post in order to please you. 🙂
    Now, if someone wants to read more than the first paragraph, he would go to the original text.
    Have a good day, sir.

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