Google, despite the fact that they are clearly the evolutionary precursor of the Borg or Skynet or the Matrix or whatever Evil Tech Hive Mind your dystopian leanings favour, can be instructive and educational as well as entertaining and terrifying.

From the inquiry into the global zeitgeist below

we learn, for example, that

  • Bermuda goes positively apeshit over Coke, but has no interest in Pepsi
  • New Zealand is also a Coke Nation, but hasn’t yet completed the Pepsi drinker genocide
  • Canadians don’t care much about the minute differences between sugar water brands, but are fond of bum
  • …but not nearly as fond of it as the Kiwis
  • Suprisingly, perhaps, Commonwealth nations are keener on the buttsecks than Americans

In today’s globalized economy, borders become transparent to markets, and death is once again a spectator sport, with images shot ’round the globe in realtime to Feed The Need™. Civilization is sooo cool, man! It’s mashup time, and you get to choose whether you want to eat that mash with fork or spoon, because the Customer Is Always Right.


Of course, it is entirely possible that there is no Spoon, and we’re all Forked.

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  1. That cheeky Michael Richards, you can always count on him for a good spike in forks.

  2. found your blog on flickr… wanted to comment on the dean moriarty post above, but couldn’t find a way… i love that ending of On the Road. one of my friends posted this same excerpt, in czech transalation, about 2 years back on his blog… there is something magic about it.

  3. Bwahahah ahah ahah ahhhh ahhah hhhaha ahah ahha.
    Stavros, I love you (just not in that, you know, bottom-related way).

  4. Hi there-
    I’m a business reporter in SF who hit on your Bullshit Generator. Love it, especially because we’re living it. Going to write a short (and hopefully funny) piece on it and would like to chat with you for as little background. Please call me at 415.288.4939.
    Lizette Wilson

  5. I’m in Korea, Lizette, so phone is a little clunky for me, what with timezones and my inherent laziness and all. Email? You can get me at wonderchickenindustries at gmail, if you want.

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