Observation the First : This post from a while back (“AntiAmerica”) has been attracting googlenauts like flies to poo, and although I keep thinking about closing it to comments, I am compelled (the power of crap compels you! the power of crap compels you!) for the moment to leave it open. It’s fascinating to watch the comments accrete in layers as the weeks go by. Super-terrific-happy-fun-post activate!
Observation the Second : Rageboy stopped drinking at almost precisely the same time I started doing it with any degree of diligence. Funny, that. One of the thrillingest moments in my early blog career was when he linked to a post of mine and opined that I might actually be able to write my way out of a wet paper bag. And I hadn’t even started sending him monthly cheques at that point.
Observation the Third : There is no Observation the Third, but I’m into the beer again, so we’ll see how the evening develops.
Observation the Fourth : This deserves more link-loving. Or maybe it already got the love, and I missed the buzz. I dunno. Way cooler than the last 5 or ten mind-crogglingly cool things I’ve seen, though [alternate view]. Go implant some GeoURL tags in your index pages now, friends, or I’ll hunt you down and give you some serious noogies!
Not an observation at all, really : This one’s for Kaf :

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  1. But if you close it to comments, you won’t get sentences like:
    “When you reflect upon this, you’ll realize that he operates on an international scale to make his quips a key dynamic in modern neopaganism by viscerally defining ‘pathologicopsychological’ through the experience of horny insurrectionism.”
    How can you think of denying yourself, and more importantly us, such pleasures?

  2. “Pathologicopsychological”? My god, that’s beautiful. And just begging to be registered as a URL. So very tempting…
    …okay, I gave into temptation. Now I just need to figure out what to do with a word like that.

  3. Pathologicopsychological

    Too many projects, not enough time…

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