This evening I plan to drink approximately 10-12 bottles of cold, excessively fizzy Korean beer, smoke the one cigarette per week that I allow myself these days, and listen to the entire output of the Tragically Hip.

This may result in amusingly cockeyed posts, either ranty or good-natured, or it may mean that I’ll wander off on some little-travelled web byway and forget about the clamorous demands of my sweet readers, for at least one brief glorious moment of boozy freedom.
Wish me luck.

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  1. This may result in amusingly cockeyed posts
    All cockeyed posts are amusing my feathered freind…

  2. And in a perfect world, absurd, too!

  3. Watch out for skeleton warriors!

  4. Good for you, setting goals is important!
    But since no cockeyed posts appeared, I guess you wandered off, then?

  5. Yes, indeed, I did. The intaRwEb can be a scary place unless you’ve had a few drinks to cushion the system…

  6. Awww. I was rather hoping for more cockeyed posts.

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