From the mighty quonsar, via this thread, I give you a break from the millions of blogwords per minute flying into the void at the moment about the… uh… debate-thingy.


Very Nixonian.

Trippy Visuals, Man

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  1. What debate thingy?
    Looks cool.

  2. He really did remind me of Nixon in the debate. The thing is, though he was incredibly paranoid, Nixon was intelligent. I don’t really think the same could be said for George jr.

  3. All that blinking will not make it go away, George.

  4. Debate? More like parallel interviews. Go skulls!

  5. My normally calm and quiet infant son started crying and having a fit at the beginning of the debate. I watched it anyway…

  6. Man. This is some place you’ve got here. I was just having a beer at home alone on a Saturday night and thinking about Sorak san and the weird paved trails and the crazy shrimp boat milky way from the summit at night and figured I could get some pics on the net. Your pictures of the mountain came up and I figured this was a site for created by some hiking nut until I saw all this other shit. Korea is the best but for zero of the reasons the nationals dig it.
    But how about that Bush. I’m Canadian and it seems obligatory to think Bush is an imbecile, but I don’t get it. I listen to the debates and read the damn news and it depresses me to think folks just pass this guy off as an imperial fool. I wouldn’t vote for him, even if I could, but I’m sick him being painted as an idiot. His rule and tone are not the actions of a fool but of a man with conviction. Like Yeats says, ” the best lack all conviction – the worst are full of passionate intensity”. There you go. If you like Yeats then you got to with Kerry, unsuitable perhaps, but slightly more presidental and humble.
    This is one hell of a joint you’ve got here.

  7. The world seems to have taken on the nihilistic quality of punk and more worryingly the apathy of Gen X as the norm. To be fair though, it’s completely understandable. The world is being lead by a bunch of faceless beaurocrats whose policies differ none to the next party. I’m not going to give you a big New World Order rant or anything because I beleive that is nonsense. My point I guess is that everything is vanilla. There’s nothing wrong with that I guess – I think there is a decadent luxury to good quality vanilla ice cream, but enough about my own personal procliviites! Mind you, today’s choices are right wing vanilla or ultra right wing vanilla so people perhaps should care a little more. What does make me ponderous is the lament and cult of “why?”. Give men sports and women soaps and all of us tabloid papers with beer and we’re happy, so nothing will change. We created a monster; accept that we can’t/won’t kill it. Love the site though! Time for a another beer, thanks for being a great audience, don’t touch that dial, I’ll be staying tuned. Goodnight.

  8. You’d think being wired and all, he wouldn’t’ve blanked. Ah… or was he listening?

  9. please help me,from where i can donload miikes movies!

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