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Article 98. From 1995 through 2000, the U.S. government supported the establishment of an International Criminal Court. In 2001, the Bush Administration ended US participation in ICC meetings and, on 6 May 2002, officially nullified the previous signature of the Rome Statute.
Since then, the Bush administration has been actively pursuing agreements — with such human-rights aware nations as Kazakhstan, Bahrain, Botswana and Bhutan[pdf], and through coercion in the case of destitute Nauru — which would provide immunity for Americans in the ICC. Human Rights watch, amongst other organizations, is appalled. Echoing the sentiment of most who have not agreed to US demands, Foreign Minister Benita Ferrero-Waldner of Austria (who has not signed an agreement on Article 98 with the US) spoke out in 2002 about the need for a common position. “There is a fundamental need for everyone to be open to prosecution. It is important that there is no immunity.”

Sensible or sinister?
You decide.

Politics Chafe My Scrote

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  1. I must be becoming jaded… this doesn’t surprise me in the least. I wonder just how Canada’s relations to the US are going to be with new PM… My respect for Jean C. outgoing PM grew immensely with his battles vs the Bush Administration.

  2. Sinister… On a separate but related note, The ICC is actually a loose framework meant to simplify the (typically archaic) international laws that are enforced in some 3rd world countries…
    It looks good on paper sometimes, but in reality… ain’t so good.

  3. Let’s face it. The streets of America are not paved with gold.
    But more to your point: tell us, Oh Great Voice of Reason, how you think the ability to bring the President of the United States up on charges of War Crimes for Afghanistan is helping anyone? Surely, Oh Source of Unlimited Knowledge and Wisdom, you are not in favor of anti-women groups like the Taliban who PULLED OUT the fingernails of a seven year old girl for the heretical crime of applying nail polish? (
    The EuroSocialists have _many_ good points; but don’t forget that most Americans of European descent have relatives who fled oppression. Some of us are determined to see that we won’t be going _there_ again… And the initial implementation of the court was free of any controls to prevent frivolous accusations…
    God Bless you, your readers, and the USA.

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