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“It is highly likely that the US launch attacks which start the war with Iraq within the next 75 days, and probably between August 15 and October 5.
It is not necessary to be a military strategist to figure this out. It won’t be based on a preparatory build up of US and allied troops, nor initiated because of any particular actions by the Iraqis which require a military response. There may a fabricated “story” the Bush administration uses to try to “sell” the war. But it’s pretty obvious what the real reason is.
The time range described above is optimal for influencing the November US Congressional elections. With Bush’s popularity plummeting as millions of Americans discover that their life savings and retirement funds have shriveled to a fraction of what they were, the Bush administration has but one trump card left to try to turn the tide– start the war with Iraq.”
Politics Chafe My Scrote

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  1. wag the dog anyone? funny, wasn’t it the republicans that were critical of clinton for the exact same thing they are about to do? i honestly don’t a war will save bush. it isn’t so much the scandals it is the insincerity in his words that people are keying on. how could a guy that grew up and never had to take out the trash, cook his own meals, or do anything blue collar look people in the eye and say “i understand”. harken+bush genes=one termer.

  2. “Bush’s popularity plummeting”? Not according to this recent Washington Post/ABC News poll: “The survey found that Bush’s job approval rating stands at 72 percent, virtually unchanged from a month ago. An equally large proportion of people still view the president as honest and trustworthy, despite recent news accounts that he benefited as a business executive from some of the same practices he now publicly criticizes.”
    This really suprised me, and the only explanation I have is that people just don’t care.

  3. If we learned anything from the 2000 election, it’s never *ever* underestimate the stupidity of the American People.
    The fact is that people believe what they want to believe. If they believe George is a swell guy, then all this “scandal” is a media creation. Or he was just doing business the American Way. Or frickin’ aliens came down and altered the accounting books to make him look bad.
    I’ll believe that Bush is a one-termer only after a Dem is innaugurated in January 2005.
    I couldn’t stand to get my hear broken again.

  4. …or my heart either.

  5. Bush’s popularity? Still unreasonably high, but dipping.

  6. one caveat.. if the dems nominate buffon to run against bush, like they are prone to do, then bush will get re-elected. like him or hate him, clinton ran a great election campaign. the dems need a strong candidate again.

  7. Bin Laden/Hussein should wait for the right time for the assasination of Bush Jr. To plan it now would leave Bush as a martyr, to wait until his popularity among the US public drops below 50% would be a more honourable move. All they need is a suicide bomber with a sniper rifle. You know, the soldiers that took part in the previous Gulf War often raped Iraqi women and tortured their children, I guess this is the same kind of thing that happened in Vietnam. What’s the real reason behind Bush not ratifying the ICC? Too many war crimes to count, and who knows what we haven’t heard about?
    I know this may sound very anti-america, but I feel very strongly against imperialism, double-standards, and the lies we are forced to listen to through the media. When I did a search for “Terrorist America”, it returned over 450,000 pages. When I narrowed it down to exclude .com, .edu, and .gov, 60 pages were returned… most of which were news articles.

  8. Uh, thanks for getting Carnivore interested in me, there, LM.
    Oh dear.

  9. I’m not going to get political here…I just wanted to say I liked your use of the word “scrote”. Yes, that is all. Thanks.

  10. Dang. I was sooo tempted to go into a whole tyrade of comments about the trickle-down effect and sort of point out that this whole griping party should be aimed at the last administration but um…I really really liked your vodka bottle so I changed my mind and decided to stare at it for a bit instead

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