I said this over there.
Hindsight will show how much this (and all the other American campaign related program activities on the internets) have made an impact on the vote for World Leader #1 this year, but I have no doubt that whatever happens next week (and probably in the weeks following, if it’s anything like 2000), that if the elections aren’t cancelled in 2008, the power of freed-up culture, rumours on the internets, the resurgence of an engaged wired citizenry and the decline of old media and yes, even the self-obsessed wankery of the blogotroposphere are going to kick some political ass.
Gives me hope.
For the moment, though, spread the word, link the link, and take those bastards in the White House down.
Update : When asked for his opinion about these rumours on the internets, Mr Bush had this response for the American people.

Politics Chafe My Scrote

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  1. So I’m listening to Black Sabbath’s “Behind the Wall of Sleep” as I’m reading your post, and Bush is flipping the bird EXACTLY IN TIME with the “So you wanna feel no remorse? Change your body to a corpse” bit.
    Random coincidence… or COSMIC TRUTH?

  2. Giving the finger is probably one of the first normal things i’ve ever seen him do. Damn, can we turn back time to around then so we can all see him human? Wouldn’t that be weird?!?! *laugh*

  3. Those videos are inspiring. I wonder though if there really is any of that 27 year old Kerry in today’s version.

  4. Here in the US of A, I just pushed some buttons in a booth to signify my choice for the leaders of this confused nation…
    I chose the lesser of 2 evils, Sounds like Florida is already having problems again – this should be interesting.
    I’m taking off to Baja next week, From Mexicali all the way to Cabo… forget about it this mess, maybe I’ll just stay down there.

  5. neener neener, 4 more years.

  6. Thank God, Bush won!
    I have never been good at speaking Arabic.

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