An amusing Google API toy : The Google Smackdown. Brought to you by the same fine individual who made SnapGallery, the XHTML version of which I used to make (with some hand-tweaking) my (experimental – don’t expect much) galleries here.
Edit : I am the KING!

stavrosthewonderchicken (1,170)
lemur testicles (1)

Not unlike What’s Better, which is also kind of fun.


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  1. Hey Stav, you may wanna upgrade your SnapGallery, the XHTML version is based on 1.0, I didn’t bother keeping up with pb’s versions, I believe it shouldn’t be too hard to copy the XHTML code from the modified SnapGallery to the newer versions.

  2. Wow – I didn’t know that was you, riffola! Man, I think Metafilter really is the center of the bloggy universe sometimes!
    And also fortuitously, I was going to email you and ask what version the XHTML one was at. I’ll try and bring it up to 1.4 and if I’m successful, I’ll forward the code to you, with thanks…

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