I really should be ashamed of myself for linking corporate crapola (bad chicken – *whack* – bad!) and the results might well be ugly, but there are some truly astonishing images here and in the archives.
I want to live forever. I want to see everything. Is that too much to ask?


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  1. You can’t and you won’t, but it is pleasant to die with the hope and illusion that you will live forever and see everything. When you start to fear that you’re losing your suspension of disbelief, give me the nod and I’ll come and surprise you with swift, merciful death in the shape of a magic trick. I ask only that you mark three dear possessions with blue chalk. I will take one in payment, drop one from the bridge, and bury one beneath a patch of sunflowers.

  2. You’ve got a deal. I think I love you, man.

  3. No shit. Can I get that deal, too?

  4. If you’re both in one spot at the same time, I’ll do it for two possessions each, and you can share the chalk.

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