Just in case you weren’t quite certain how harrowingly well Chris Locke can write, I direct your attention to the last few EGR dispatches. That is all.
(Edit : Well, that’s not quite all. I’ll point, as does BB this morning, to Mike’s latest as well, and encourage you to enjoy more phenomenally affecting writing from around the virtual neighbourhood.)

People Say Stuff Sometimes

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  1. Yes, after I read Mike Golby’s latest post I thought “my god, he’s going to out-Locke Locke!” These guys hold continuous open houses in their intricately assembled psyches. I often wonder how they manage to find their own ways in and out those meandering mental mazes — some kind of brain breadcrumbs I guess. I step through their doorways timidly, taking the slow tours, making sure that I’m not left lost between beginnings.

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