With the World Cup fast approaching, coupled with the incredible groundswell of interest around the entire planet in the latest semi-coherent ramblings of He Who Is Called Marvellous Poultry, I am compelled by a sense of civic duty to introduce a new feature here at the ‘Bottle, fetchingly entitled “Ask The WonderChicken”.
Have questions about Korea? About being wonderful, or chickeny, or pseudo-Greek? Need a good drink recipe, or a vile and unpalatable one? Trying to figure out this whole InTarWEb thing, and wondering who put the ‘l’ in Blog? Having trouble with your lovelife, and need to know where to find houses of ill repute in Busan? (OK, true, I did already cover that one.)
Well, my friends, scratch your heads in puzzlement no more, the wonderchicken is here. The answerchicken is reporting for duty! Eat that, Google Answers!
Just send in your question to askthewonderchicken AT serendipity DOT mailshell DOT com, and our crack team (of one, granted, but we’re looking at an IPO soon, honest) will spring into action to ease your troubled mind.
Soon, all will become clear. Or at least clearer. A little. Maybe.

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