I have received an email from petition@peaceandlove.com, imploring me to sign a petition (warning : that’s probably an email harvester). This email came to my private, supersecret, jealously guarded email address, at which I have never (yes, never) received a spam email. It’s clear that someone I know provided my email address so that I could receive this message.
Please do not do this, even with the best of intentions. It makes me very angry. I will receive any mail sent to (any address) at serendipity.mailshell.com, and this allows me serverside control of what gets through and what gets blocked.
Update : Dumb f–ks. I just got a spam email to [address at serendipity.mailshell.com], and have edited the above for clarity and to remove the ‘@’. One thing you can always depend on is stupidity.
*blocks that address*

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  1. Oh, man, do I ever hear you.
    Last week, I found my super-secret James Bond email address on the business end of a frickin’ Christian personality test that was sent TO: (not BCC: mind you) 59 people.
    What kills me is how people don’t seem to absorb why this is such an offensive and invasive thing to do to someone.
    About as respectful as putting my phone number on a bathroom wall.

  2. Hey, I’ve gotten some really great dates from people putting my number on a bathroom wall. Don’t knock it ’til you try, m’man.

  3. Two words, Stav: Bayesian filters.
    They work miracles.

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