It’s completely unimportant, but I wonder if the sh-tstorm of war-driven infantile hatred and apoplectic misspelled vitriol howling around everyone’s favorite Metafilter will be enough to finally kill it off. Matt’s wondered in public what to do with it on its upcoming fourth anniversary, and one of the options was to just pull the plug.
I’m ambivalent, to put it mildly. It’s like watching someone you’ve loved with all your heart for years, warts and all, become an incoherent, piss-reeking, crack-addicted ass-peddler, through the crusty scrabrous shell of which you still see the occasional glimpse of the dear friend you once had. You still love that friend, and you can’t stop yourself in trying to intervene and turn the poor bastard from the abyss, but sometimes you just as much want to put a freakin’ shotgun to his head and end his pain.
You know, not to be excessively melodramatic or anything.
*shrugs, goes back to Metafilter*

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  1. I’ve been avoiding the Filter lately. Apart from the fact that it has become WarFilter, its just not fun anymore. Most people there are taking themselves WAY too seriously.

  2. I’ll agree with that.
    Peter Marshall: He’s right! X takes the center square to block!

  3. Is it just me, or is MeFi down?
    You horrid beasts, you KILLED it!
    Damn… and just when I spent last night composing my quarterly eff pee pee to try and do my bit to keep it alive.
    (NB: Quarterly FPP does not consist of the latest rumour from Fox.)

  4. I thought it was just me, too, but is MeFi still down or is it really just me?
    I know exactly what you mean stavros – even though I am very much a newbie there, it has become a place for people who are too intense for the real world, instead of people who want to supplement their real world with more stuff. I still read every word that MeTa throws at me, but I find MeFi to contain too much angst for my tiny brain to handle nowadays. I cannot tell, though, if that is because the standard is lower or I am just expecting too much.
    I find it scary that the level of conversation is often more intelligent and coherent on #mefi than on MeFi and it should be the other way around, surely?
    *pushes MeFi off pedestal, watches it crash to the ground and waits to see if it staggers to its feet*

  5. wow, if #mefi is more intelligent, even when I’m there, Mefi proper has some issues. (since I really stopped reading it regularly about a year ago.)

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