A tender and slightly melancholy Metafilter reminiscence in response to a completely puerile threadstarter from a new member, courtesy of tamim. The occasional astonishing comment like this, and the occasional great thread (of which there have been a few lately) always keep me coming back for more.

People Say Stuff Sometimes

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  1. Stavros, Is there a way to move the box at the right further to the right? I tried switching browsers and it’s still on top of the column.

  2. Tizzie : I believe at this point that the design works on all browsers at resolutions of 800×600 or above, so I’m guessing you’re at 640×480…you can use the old layout at http://emptybottle.org/index_old.html if you want. It’s updated live for each post, and I think it might be readable at that low res. If you’re not at 640×480, could you give me details of browser/platform so I can investigate?

  3. You’re absolutely right, the setting is 640 x 480. And it doesn’t seem to be adjustable. The good news is that my work monitor is 800 x 600, so I’ll catch ya from there. Thanks!

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