You f–king primates. Kill each other until you’re all dead, grind each other’s bones to make your bread. Swing the infants by their heels and shatter their tiny skulls on the doorjambs of your hovels. Kill! Hate! Let it never end! Swear blood feuds, and carry on the senseless slaughter of your fathers’ fathers, and their thick-fingered simian fathers, too. Bathe in the blood of your enemies, before they have a chance to caper like children in arterial gouts of yours. Cleanse the world of your hated foes, yes, that’s it, ethnically cleanse. If there are any women left alive, don’t forget to rape them, and rape them hard. Slitting their throats after you’ve spilled your filthy warrior seed is optional, but recommended. Kill! Lay waste! Wreak havoc! Defend the honour of your people, sink your hands deep into the warm entrails of those you would destroy as they cough out their last curse! Kill!
Just hurry it up, already. I’m waiting to dance on your unmarked graves, you cheeseheads.

non compos mentis, Uncrappy

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  1. Thanks Chris, sometimes you speak my mind. The mind-blowing thoughtlessness of it all has had me in a deep funk. Can the fuckers not see that there is no point to all this? Nope.
    Last night, I read a long excerpt from a book written by an ex-parabat in the old South African Defence Force (SADF). I was looking for articles commemorating the massacre at Cassinga in 1978.
    Cassinga’s in Angola but was full of Namibian refugees at the time. I read about it and, later, saw footage. Up to 800, mostly women and children, were slaughtered at Cassinga and a few hundred more were killed at a town nearby.
    It’s pre-Web, I guess, so it seems to have been almost forgotten. 1,100 people slaughtered by guys I probably bump into more times than I’d like to think. We were defending Western interests in those days, the last bulwark against the Red Menace and the Total Onslaught and our buddies in Britain and the U.S. either approved or looked the other way.
    That was the way *we* dealt with “terrorists”. It was crap then and it remains crap today. But the Cassingas roll on, seen, known, forgotten. So much bullshit. And the thing is, it really *doesn’t* have to be that way.
    I’ve decided to return to my cheery self tomorrow. I’m sick of feeling violated, as though I’ve been seduced by the siren call of crap and I’ve wallowed in it, thereby fouling my thoughts and my soul.
    I’ll have nothing to do with these shitheads. Unless they cross my path, that is…
    What gets me is that, yes, sometimes I enjoy the fact that those of us who opposed it now have the last laugh, in so, so many ways but, shit, at what cost?
    By the way, you’re on song, my friend.

  2. Thanks Mike.
    And John? That was the precise response I was hoping for….

  3. “…mostly women and children..” ???
    Obviously you were not even there.

  4. Mike, do you have that info you read and the footage you saw about Cassinga. This subject seems very interesting.

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