I guess I should be blogging my tits off, here, proving to all those visitors from the bloggies that I’m The Hardest Working Blogger In Show Business, but f–k that noise.
I got me a bottle of cheap whiskey, it’s Friday night and I’m on the elevator gooooooin’ up. Leave me be.
All the kafuffle about this bloggie stuff makes me giggle like chrome-plated steam-powered giggling machine, though, I gotta tell ya. Go, look how worked up some people get about these silly things. [via OWhere] I don’t know who these people are, but they really need a tall cool glass of perspective and soda.
Hey, you big boneheads! If you’ve got all that energy to spare, why not try getting worked up about the bumbling corporate turd masquerading as a president, sitting in the White House, chuckling like a waterhead, and jerking off over his (laminated, crayola-bright) plans for war, instead? Or the continuing determined erosion of your rights and privacy by his wingèd minions, maybe? Or even about the fight over copyright law, which is a massive wank as well, in this wonderchicken’s opinion, but not nearly as gargantuan a waste of time as these awards. Save your vitriol for the things that merit it, kids.
And have a drink, on me.
Edit : Or if you’re not the drinking type, amuse yourself by reading this semicoherent ramble from last week, which in light of this Bloggie nomination, is Ironic As f–k (now featuring Comedy Capitalization©).
Edit again : Or : what the ever-reasonable mathowie said.

non compos mentis

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  1. One post does not a blog make.
    If you bothered to look around you would notice that I really didn’t waste much time on the bloggies and went straight back to blogging about world affairs, war, anti-semitism and the merits of oral sex.

  2. Whew! That was fast!
    The conversation that ensued from your post, Michele, was what I was referring to, not your blog itself. You have every right to say ‘Fuck this, I’m out!’ and in so doing you’re maybe in agreement with me about how silly it all is.
    I’m sure your blog is supercool and all…I wasn’t really talking about you so much as the Swarming Agonizers Over Nothing that are all over the damn place this evening (Korea time).

  3. And the merits of oral sex are manifold, I must agree.

  4. I can assure you, mr. wunderchicken, that your nomination is the only reason I visited. I mean, with phrases like “bumbling corporate turd masquerading as a president,” how could I not show some love?

  5. ya know, i go away for two weeks and THIS is what happens?
    my goddess, if people would show half the passion for world events and politics as they do for some insignificant popularity contest, the world would be a much saner place.

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