I’ve been working on a new project, which will hopefully be ready for a triumphant launch within the next week or two, if I don’t get distracted by any shiny objects.
Keep on eye on this URL, and if there’s anything you’d like to see in a slightly-toned-down but still wonderchicken-y site dedicated to information and commentary on Korea, the expat experience, and all things peninsular, please drop a comment in the usual place.

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  1. Hi,
    I heard about your new project via AskMefi (longtime lurker, never a member).
    Anyhow, you probably don’t need this since you *are* in Korea, but I’d also be happy to throw in my hat if you need a panel of sorts about things. My resume, so to speak, is the experience of being half-Korean and being born and raised in the country, but attended an international school…so in a nutshell I have dual “citizenship” in the sense that I’m pretty Koreanized, but still lived the expat life.
    But I’d definitely like to see someplace talk a bit more about Korean Internet culture. It’s very fascinating and not just about people keeling over in PC bangs. This is kind of a generalization, but it really is a “nerdy” or “geeky” culture because of the influence of the Internet, but it honestly stops being nerdy because its so mainstream. If that makes sense.
    Good luck with the new site. It’d be nice to see something explain expat life without becoming a bitter “this place sucks” type of thing. Korean society and life isn’t all great, but it’d be nice to see at least an effort to explain or look into why it’s not great or great I suppose.


  3. just wanted to let you know that you’re my new hero, and i’ve barely touched on your shit. that’s actually a pretty hefty statement coming from someone who’s only real goal up until now was playing alongside Jimmy Page (which clearly hasn’t happened. I’m 35.) WHO ARE YOU!! ‘healthy fucking balance’ seems like a pretty desperate, messed up thing to Google, but damned if you didn’t pop up. thought you should hear that. i read how much you love/hate positive reinforcement

  4. The timing is real good right now for you to roll out your site, Chris.
    Lots of interest in all things Korean.
    Besides, we miss the zaniness.

  5. To hell with Korea; I miss the WonderChicken. What’s up, Stav? Prostate trouble again?

  6. To hell with Korea; I miss the WonderChicken. What’s up, Stav? Prostate trouble again?

  7. Duder, I’ll be there next week, for a good spell of time. WE MUST BEER.

  8. Fuck me! The wallpaper!

  9. HOLY CRAP, you’re still alive. Whew! Damn. You had me worried tthere. All my spam… er mail to you has been bouning. Please get in touch so we can make plans for your Most Wonderful & Fabulous Reincarnation!!!

  10. Ah, the return is around the corner. Good news. And now we know that those rumors of the Chunder Wiccan getting you, thankfully, are false!

  11. I’ll be there next week, for a good spell of time. WE MUST BEER.
    Oh, crap. You couldn’t have picked a worse time, Adam. I’ve put my back out and been semi-mobile for days, off work, and I’ve got the balls-to-the-wall busiest weekendless time of the year (the rest of which is usually not bloody busy at all) coming up, until like the middle of August.
    Damn it.

  12. Also, I can be reached at my fanciful handle at gmail dot com, most reliably, my dear Mr Locke, sir. A few of your groupsends have been making it through the aether, but unreliably….

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