You know that Young Ones episode where Vyvyan stomps around repeatedly hitting himself in the forehead with a large piece of wood, chanting ‘bored bored bored bored’?
Yeah, like that, with this. At the moment.

Must be time for another redesign.


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  1. Gods and Goddesses, I know that feeling!

  2. Emptyzilla. Bottlezilla. Boozezilla. Wonderzilla. Chickenzilla.

  3. That’s a thought! A bit of litigation might stir things up around here a bit.
    I, Chickenzilla.
    Hmmm. Nice ring to it….

  4. OH NO! Now I’m stuck with hearing, what was that long haired characters name, Neil? Saying his meloncholy bit about “lentils”. Aeeieeeeeee! The Young Ones was quite entertaining.

  5. Neil:
    Hey! Guys! Why don’t we… eat? That’d be quite interesting, wouldn’t it? Yes! Yes!
    [he gets up and runs to the kitchen]
    Yes, eat! Eat! I wonder how many lentils I’ve ever eaten in my life.
    No – it must be more than that, Vyv. Lentils are really good, you know? No matter how many times you have them, they never get boring.

  6. Another redesign? You prefer masochism to boredom, then, I see.
    (in the middle of a redesign myself)

  7. Keep in mind that you will get tired of your design long before readers do. You are looking at it much more often! So I hope any redesigning won’t obviate any learning-to-use that we’ve already done for the current version.

  8. Darling Fascist Bully-Boy,
    Give us some money you bastard.
    May the seed of your loin be fruitful in the belly of your woman,

  9. rick: hands up– who likes me?

  10. why is the internet full of protentious artists??!

  11. wow… really, that is incredably interesting!

  12. You can’t bite me, I’m South African !

  13. i am so honeslty fucking BORED! how does that bottle stay there whil u scroll.. is it magic? GO YOUNG ONES!

  14. i am so honeslty fucking BORED! how does that bottle stay there while u scroll.. is it magic? GO YOUNG ONES!

  15. Greatest line ever:
    Neil: “Hello kitchen. Hello. My name’s Neil, but don’t bother remembering it, because I’ll probably be dead soon.”
    Another good one:
    Neil: “Oh wow! Rick, look! I’ve got six arms! I’m Vishnu!”

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