Shelley speaks so eloquently on so many other topics, you (well, I) sometimes forget she is also a Geek Goddess without peer. This latest innovation from her is a really cool idea, and one that might help to combat that feeling of impermanence and evancescence of weblog comments. I want one too!
(I find myself remembering the toolset for OLAP analysis of financial data that was a small part of the Swiss Army knife professional practice management product that I (almost, if it hadn’t been for the f–kwits) almost took to market at my last tech job, and wonder when we’ll be able to effortlessly pivot our views of a given weblog against a wide variety of axes, at will. Slice and dice, baby!)


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  1. WC: I like Shelley’s innovation too. I’m also thinking more like this, on a wider scale, might come from the Google/Pyra fusion. Doesn’t have to be AOLTW all over again, eh? fwiw

  2. Ah, shucks

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  4. I discovered a swell blog site for people who want a break from politics. Recommend:
    Looks like they’re just getting started but it’s a fun read.

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