I’ve been playing around with some new toys…if you’d like to lend the wonderchicken a hand, I’d love to hear if the test gadgetry over on the righthand side of the page works for you in your browser/OS. I am aware that there is a problem with the border on the bottom of the slideout doodads…
Also, I’m wondering if you think if this kind of stuff is (a) groovy or (b) goofy.
Just checking.

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  1. It works on IE 5.something running on Mac OS 9.something (at a computer lab at school, not really sure of the specifics of the machines). I think it’s groovy, but the windows (especially the larger ones) need to stay out longer. If you have to scroll down the screen and then look for something they go away pretty quickly.

  2. Thanks, John. They should stay open if you hover over them, but I can change the default display time (if I end up keeping ’em).

  3. Well, I think it’s pretty groovy, but you probably shouldn’t trust me, because when it comes to gadgets and doodads, my sense of good taste tends to fly out the window 🙂
    It seems to work fine in IE6/win2k, but not quite right in Mozilla 0.9.9/win2k (the menu panels don’t slide over the text, they show up next to the text. And since the text extends all the way to the right side of the page, the menus actually show up off the page, which means that you have to scroll right to see anything.
    Nice work though, it’s a nifty idea.

  4. Now that’s some neat shit. I’m jealous. Looks good in IE5.5 on Windows, too. Real good. Grunt.

  5. I do have two suggestions for you, though, because I’m a nit-picky bitch.
    1) Does that particular bottle in the lefthand sidebar hold some sort of special, sentimental significance? Can you spell significance? Er, right… so, it’s all pixelly and stuff. You need a nice, clean, shiny, new empty bottle, methinks.
    2) I have this pet peeve with the MT comment template – could you reduce the columns in your textarea to like, maybe, 42 instead of the 50 it is? It’s larger than the pop-up window, and so things get shifty when you’re typing stuff in. Especially lots of nit-picky stuff like some long-winded bitches tend to do.
    Thank you, and goodnight.

  6. From young pup, I presume? Aaron makes the best toys. I like it very much, and it works just fine in IE6 on WIndows xp.

  7. Nifty in IE 5.5/win98, although if I nip out to the scrollbar for the longer popups, the slippery bastards get away before I can scroll. Suppose this would be fixed by using arrow keys instead – but it seems like a usability problem of sorts.
    Wherever did you get this?

  8. almost, but no cigar. works great…but too far over in my window in Opera 6 & Moz (1RC1, I think) – about the right spot in IE 5.5. very neat idea – I love stuff like that, but never get around to it myself.

  9. Yep, it is a gadget from youngpup. Supahcool.
    I’m a big sucker for this sorta stuff too…

  10. Also : thanks for the comments, everyone!

  11. I just like to say Groovy!
    so it’s: Groovy
    (hope to get it as Groovy
    myself one of these days…)

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