After much screwing about, I had this layout working flawlessly in Mozilla, near as I have been able to tell, but I just downloaded 1.4a, and the sidebar over on the right looks very weird indeed.
Does anyone else see some weird font sizing with the new (or older, for that matter) builds of Mozilla? I’d appreciate any feedback you can give…
Edit : Fixed, with thanks for the feedback. Repeat 100 times : I must not edit templates while drinking. I must not edit templates while drinking.


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  1. New or old, it’s about the size of a flyspeck. You mean it’s not supposed to be?

  2. Hey man, not sure why they’re there, but the fuckload of ‘small’ tags everywhere are what’s causing the problem. I too thought it was supposed to look that way; I figured you didn’t want to hurt anyone by de-linking them, but you didn’t want seven billion links making your page five hundred miles long so you did it on purpose. Email me if you need any help, I’ll do what I can.
    Keep on keepin on.

  3. Stavros: It’s like that in Mozilla 1.3b. And, actually, I thought you had scaled down the font size like that deliberately as a wry stab towards blogs who linked every other blog under the sun. Now, I’m just as astonished as you are that this was an accident!

  4. Thanks, folks, for the feedback. I left a tag open, dumbass me, so the [small]’s were concatenating as the [MT] container iterated through its contents.
    I almost wish it had been deliberate, now. Heh. I’m not usually so cryptic in my sarcasm, though.
    Should look as originally intended now.

  5. What Mozilla likes are W3C compliant sites. Check yours at:
    I use Phoenix, which is very similar (Gecko-based) and your site looks good until I zoom the text (Ctrl++). Good Luck!

  6. It has always looked fine to me in Mozilla 1.2.1, but I guess it is hard to know if any web site looks “right” unless you know how the author intended it to look 🙂

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