If you wish to be able to see the Korean characters (like this favorite from the World Cup – 대한미국 화이팅!) in some upcoming posts I’m planning, or Japanese or Chinese elsewhere (like at glome.org or in some upcoming posts I think Jonathon is planning), and you’re using Windows, here are some clear instructions in how to get the fonts (and input method editors) you need (XP, Win2K).
Here are a couple of free truetype unicode Chinese fonts, too (requires valid email).
It says here that Mac OS X 10 did not originally include support for as many languages and scripts as Mac OS 9. Mac OS X 10.1 supported Central European, Cyrillic and Japanese, and Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese were made available as downloads.
If you’re using some other operating system, it’s time to become assimilated to the hivemind, weirdo. Heh.
More resources : Linguistic Considerations from scholarly-societies.org and Creating Multilingual Web Pages: Unicode Support in HTML, HTML Editors and Web Browsers from Alan Wood.
Good luck, and let me know how it goes.


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  1. If I can already see the Korean characters, should I worry that I’m not seeing the _right_ Korean characters or something? This one (대) looks vaguely like an LH. This one (êµ­) looks like someone with long hair running very quickly.

  2. The phrase can be roughly romanized as ‘Daehan Minguk Hwa-i-ting!’ – ‘Great Korean Nation (an old phrase revived for the world cup) Fighting’!
    ‘Fighting’ being the default loan-word from English for ‘take heart!’ or ‘kick ass!’ or ‘good luck!’ or ‘carry on the glorious struggle’ or ‘don’t let the bastards grind you down’ or other things of that nature, depending on the situation, the nearest approximation of which in Korean sounds like either a paiting or hwaiting, depending on who’s hangulizing it, since there’s no ‘f’ sound in Korean.
    But you probably didn’t need to know that.

  3. you’re amazing…I was just getting started on a page each of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese for the international ed site – work stuff – and here you are, helping me figure out what the hell I’m doing. 😉
    which means I can also tell my boss “no, really, a guy named wonderchicken helped me with this project.”

  4. We aim to please!
    Glad I could help, Elaine.

  5. Wo0t! Moz/WinXP (home setup) works fine, I can see all the crazy moon language as it’s intended!

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