No real news for you today, which may well be a good thing.
The family has decided a Paypal account for donations won’t be workable, due to potential tax-related problems with maintaining the integrity of the Trust as a non-profit fund. I understand little to nothing of these matters. Anyone who wishes can still send a donation the old-fashioned way, though, of course, and it is my hope that folks will.
I’m told that many prayers and masses are being said for Rick and his family today, and I know there are people all over the world this evening who are keeping our friend and his family in their thoughts, and striving to send love and strength their way. I join them in their prayers.


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  1. Randy, it is really amazing and quite special the way so many people from so many walks of life are focusing their thoughts, prayers, emotions — you name it, on Rick and his family. A huge reason that we can is because of you and the emptybottle. You hang in there, too, eh?
    They say no news is good news, so let’s take it that way. Hope and faith for tomorrow.

  2. I know Rick from his visits to his friend, Dave, in Toronto. He quickly became a wonderful part-time addition to our group and earned himself the nickname of “schlock-meister” due to his knowledge of useless, arcane 70’s “stuff”. We all spent a hilarious evening one Thanksgiving hauling out and listening/laughing to my Discomania I & II albums, among others. It’s one of my most treasured memories – good people, good vibes, good food, good fun. Rick was the lightening-rod.
    The Vancouver Sun article captured exactly what I remember about Rick, and made me sad that we didn’t get to spend more time with him. I can’t think of a greater ambassador of fellowship and connection than Rick.
    Luckily I have some friends in Melbourne who are offering whatever support they can locally to Rick’s family – but after reading all of the notes and articles on this site it’s very clear that they are only two of many people who are doing all they can to assist Rick and family with his recovery.
    This coming together of people from many nations and walks of life has already defeated the philosophical purpose of the terrorists – now we just have to pray that the physical and psychological effects can be healed too.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you Rick.

  3. Chris, I realise that this is the least of your worries right now, but I should let you know that your page started crashing my system a few days ago when I tried to open it with MSIE5.1 / Mac OS 9.2. It part loads, then rolls over, trying to interpret some part of the code, and crashes the system altogether when I try to interrupt the process or close the window. It’s still fine with Moz which is what I’m using just now, and with Opera…
    Good vibes and healing magick coming at you, Rick & family as normal, I hasten to add…

  4. Hey Stav,
    nothing to add, just wanted to send you an e-hug. My thoughts are with you, and of course with Rick.
    Cheers mate.

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