The university where I teach hands out student evaluations at the end of each semester. They are anonymous, and we don’t get to see them. In fact, the administration (who collectively have their head so far up their fundament that they can tell if they’re getting cavities or not) doesn’t even deign to tell us the results, normally.
I, however, have my sources.
For the last two semesters in a row (that is, since I began this job), according to the student evals, I have been the number one professor at my university (hooray for me!). Both semesters I had eight of the ten top-rated classes in the entire school (double hooray for me, with a f–king cherry on top!).
This is why I was so annoyed and disheartened when the new contract I was presented with this summer didn’t offer me a raise of any kind. In fact, thanks to some of the clever accounting at which Koreans can be so ept, I think I might end up grossing less this year than last. I genuinely love teaching, but damn it, I expect to be rewarded when I so completely exceed what is required and expected of me.
This annoyance percolated into rage today as I watched them erect a 30-foot, chrome-and-neon crucifix on top of the goddamn auditorium. They can spend what must be upwards of twenty grand on Xtian decorations, but they can’t throw me a bone.
[Edit : I forgot to say ‘Angry? Damn right I am!’]


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  1. Tell your favorite students you’re leaving because the money isn’t any good and not getting any better. Let them convince the administration that you ought to get a raise.

  2. Damn straight you should get a raise, wonderchicken! Eeksy-Peeksy’s idea is good, or you might consider placing the testicles of a senior accountant in a vice and asking politely whether he would mind redrafting your contract?

  3. Stavros, that Australian gig must be looking better and better.
    Time to tell the folks you’ll be leaving at the end of your contract. Their loss, Australia’s gain.

  4. There is only one thing left to do, and you must do it.
    Put an effigy of the wonderchicken on the cross.
    Just don’t tell bunnyfire I told you to do so.

  5. I can sympathize, my man. The outfit I pimp for recently switched from a plan where you got $9.50/hr plus commission to a plan where you have to “pay for yourself” in commission(read:earn the equivalent of your base wage back) before seeing anything beyond your hourly for your efforts. end result: selling over $50,000 in product and getting roughly $70 in commission for it. More effort, less pay. Way to motivate us, guys.
    Creative accounting indeed.

  6. Just remember, kids, people don’t make places, possessions do. Funny how it works this way even in Korean academic life.

  7. Dang! Raise or no, that’s awesome. (I confess I’m jealous of anyone who gets paid anything to teach anything worthwhile — and if your students appreciate what you do, well, that rocks.)

  8. Fuckers indeed.
    I wonder if this relates only to yourself or to the rest of the teachers?
    Kudos for being #1, BTW.

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