Anybody else out there have recurring dreams about Godzilla? I’m askin’

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  1. I have nightmares about Godzilla once or twice a year. He’s always stalking me – I can see him from really far away (miles and miles) and he always ends up chasing me down a New York City street at night. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Maybe you’re too close to Japan and you’re telepathically tuning in to some movie exec’s plans on doing another Godzilla flick?
    From this page: Reptile: Symbolizes slanderous betrayal.

  3. no.
    and certainly not sex dreams with godzilla.

  4. I dream about the dudes in silver jumpsuits and aviators who control Mechagodzilla, but no, not Godzilla per se.

  5. Logistically, Godzilla would be a terrible stalker, what with him being all giant and stuff. He’s better at the “walk right up and beat the living hell out of you” approach.
    And the freeze ray. Don’t forget the freeze ray, iconomy!
    And also, if the technique of conquering your fears of public speaking by imagining your audience in their underwear is to be believed, you could just imagine Godzilla as the skinny, shivering little Japanese guy in that rubber suit. You dreams could then either get a lot worse or a lot better, depending on how you look at it.
    Godzuki, though. Now he’s scary!

  6. Stavros is having sex dreams about Godzilla? Cool.
    Actually – and this is spooky – I’m having recurring dreams about a certain weblogger.
    (Sorry WC, not you. At least, not this week.)

  7. Age: 23
    Job: Student
    Marrital Status: Just broke up with girlfriend
    I’m not an avid Godzilla watcher. Sometimes on Saturdays as a kid I would catch one every now and then on afternoon cartoons. Then there was the whole remake up Godzilla a few years ago. So just your average guy that has an idea of who Godzilla is.
    My Dream:
    Usually it begins off-topic. In this particular dream I am helping my dad and grandpa work on my grandpa’s house. Well I drive uptown to my local sonic where lots of old schoolmates are. One particular guy, Noley, I saw several days ago so I think thats why he was one of the faces I remember. A guy named Jericho was in it, crossing the street with this really fat girl who at first I didn’t think was wearing a shirt (Jericho wasn’t wearing a shirt but the back on her shirt was cut low. One of my friends just started dating a rather large girl). But she was. So I discuss paintball with the high school guy I saw just a few days ago. Paintball being a subject I recently got interested in. Well we all go (everyone at sonic) and stay in this really big cave structure. It consists of 2 large caverns. In the first cavern a lady and her daughter (the daughter, I remember, had long brunette hair that was wavy) go in and begin preparing to sleep. In the cavern to the right of that one I go and invite everyone to join me. Thats when I see two of my real good friends Derek and Bill. Bill is laying on a level directly beneath me and Derek is sleeping to my left while I face eastish. The entire cavern is filled with people I know all sleeping or about to go to sleep. Bill is talking about something but Derek interjects that he was better than Bill at whatever they were talking about. Following this segment of my dream I go into the Godzilla sequence.
    I am in Tokyo/New York. My family is scattered down the street. The street itself would be rather easy to run down, (probably no more than a mile’s run)but also an expanse of over 15 miles at the same time. My family is scattered around the city. The only two members there were my little brother and little sister. Godzilla appears and so I give them both instructions on how to hide and where to seek shelter. Following this Godzilla begins moving up and down the city street, back and forth, back and forth. (In my past dreams about Godzilla he can usually see me from great distances away and always seems to be able to find me no matter where I’m at) Well during my course of ducking and hiding in between alleys and buildings, always aware that if I look around the corner, there the giant is going to be, I stumble upon my sister hiding behind a large garbage dumpster. When I get up to her I begin talking to her and realize that right next to us there is this mid-teenage girl taking a shower, one of my sister’s friends(The girl fits no description of one of my sister’s friends in real life. In the dream however that’s what she was. There was nothing more than a trickle running over her body from a broken pvc pipe rather than a showerhead. This trickle may be representation of a water problem here at the house. We haven’t had water for a week because the pipe is stopped up.) The girl had long blond hair and it was either slightly curly or that kinky wave hair they make with a hot hair iron or perm. She had well shaped breasts save that both nipples faced down(maybe a representation of my girlfriend who thinks one of her boobs is slightly larger than the other? The girl did not resemble my girlfriend in any way and my sister and my ex-girlfriend are by no means friends). They sagged down but bulged into round pert mounds. Also she was fairly trim. I drag this girl down and begin having sex with her. We continue sex for two or three minutes(she is not facing me) and then quit as I decide I need to run some more. She never reappears in the dream.
    Now Godzilla is moving back behind mainstreet. And I begin to run and Godzilla sees me. I’m running south which is right beneath Godzilla’s legs and tail. So as he is looking down trying to stomp me, I am sprinting as hard as I can to get past him. I make it (just barely naturally) and run to a convenience store at the south end of town. There is a railroad track that runs between the convenience store and the rest of the city. But I can see down mainstreet. When I get to the convenience store the backdoor of the place is open. A guy comes walking out of the backdoor and I walk around and go into the front(I remember the guy was black but I don’t recall knowing him). Inside the store something happens(either a miniature Godzilla walks in and begins stomping or I just decide to leave). Once outside out of my periphreal(sc) vision I see a miniature eight foot tall Godzilla coming towards me. This one is much sleeker and much more nimble than the 300 foot tall version. My mind destroyed this version of the Godzilla(probably because I personally decided I didn’t want to deal with a Godzilla that would be so hard to hide from). Next I look to my right and see a Godzilla that can fly chasing a kite galley ship(It was a kite without strings fluttering through the air). Godzilla remarks to me at this time something like this… “They say I am attracted to these fluttering kite ships, but that’s not true.” So Godzilla says he isn’t attracted to these kite ships, but right after he says that, while he is chasing the one, another one appears right behind him and he begins to chase that one (So apparently Godzilla is in denial about not being attracted to kite ships). After this display Godzilla again appears to be way off in the distance. This time he is the normal 300 ft. tall monstrocity. There appears to be a bay about 50 feet away from the convenience store to the east. Out accross this bay I find myself swept very quickly(the bay is about 100 feet accross). Next I am inside my grandparent’s old house from where they just moved. I am in the backroom, but the walls are cut away to show the bay and the city(where I can still see Godzilla tromping through. And there is still a real threat of him finding me, I still feel a sense of being rushed and looking over my shoulder). I next go into the next room which is a middle bedroom that connects the back bedroom of the house with the rest of it. In the middle bedroom, that looks exactly like it does in real life at my grandparents house, I see my mother and grandmother. For some reason I have to get up early the next day and so I begin setting the alarm on a bedside clock. I remember the last number displaying the time being a 3 and maybe the first number being a 12:. It was at this point I wake up at 5am.

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